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Best printer under $100 2024: our top affordable printer picks

We take a look at the best printers under 100 for the home and office
Last Updated on January 5, 2024
The best printer under $100.

Printers have become essentials in homes and offices. Whether you need a printer for occasional printing needs, college use, or running a small business, you can find a printer that suits your requirements. Not everyone can afford the best printers money can buy but there are still some reasonable options for those on budgets of $100 or less. The best printer under 100 may come with fewer features than the more premium models, however, you can still find quality units.

From laser to portable and all-in-one printers, you’ll definitely find something that works for you in our round-up. 

Products at a Glance

How we choose the best printers under $100

At a sub-$100 price range, you’ll probably have to make some compromises in areas like print quality, ink economy, and functionality. 

In our research and testing, we’ve shortlisted the best sub-$100 printers based on their strongest points. So, while a printer may not offer the best cost per page, it can make up for that in other areas like print quality and connectivity.

Our Recommended

Best printer under $100 2024: our top affordable printer picks

  • Fast doc print speed
  • Supports auto double sided printing
  • Has an automatic document feeder
  • Can print borderless photos
  • Low page yield

The best printer under 100 is the Brother MFC-J1010DW, a small printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax documents.

It can print as many as 17 pages per minute, making it one of the fastest printers in this price range. What’s more, it’s equipped with an auto document feeder that makes it easier for you to scan large documents. 

If you love printing your own photos at home, the MFC-J1010DW prints high-quality borderless photo prints with sharp details and vivid colors. To print on both sides of the page, use the built-in auto-duplexing function to do this faster.

As for connectivity, the MFC-J1010DW supports USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Cloud printing works flawlessly, too. It comes in handy when you need to remotely print or scan documents. 

The MFC-J1010DW’s form factor is pretty compact, so it should be easy for you to fit it in tight spaces. There’s also an LCD touchscreen display that lets you monitor ink status and customize the print settings. 


The only downside is the low page yield, which also leads to higher than average cost per page. The good news is you can subscribe to Amazon’s Dash Replenishment ink delivery service to save a bit on ink costs. 

  • Great photo print quality
  • Supports auto duplex printing
  • Compact design
  • Doesn’t support wireless printing
  • Print speed could be better
  • High running costs

The Canon PIXMA TS202 produces stunning photo prints at a fraction of the price of more advanced inkjet photo printers. It features high-quality ink cartridges that produce excellent color-accurate photo prints.

The printer’s form factor is quite compact, making it ideal for those who are tight on space. What’s more, it’s equipped with a rear paper tray that lets you keep photo paper separate from your A4 paper.

In terms of connectivity, the PIXMA is quite humble, offering just a USB port for you to connect your computer or smartphone. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi, which is disappointing even for a budget printer. But again, this is a printer made for users who care about photo print quality over anything else.

Surprisingly, the TS202 supports automatic double-sided printing, which can save you on paper costs. 

Running costs are a bit high, but you can opt for high-yield cartridges to save a bit on ink costs. It’s also worth noting that print speed is subpar. It’s rated at 7.7 pages per minute for mono docs and 4 pages per minute for photos, which is below average for an inkjet.

  • Fast print speed
  • Good document print quality
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • Comes with a companion smartphone app
  • Low page yield
  • No touchscreen panel
  • Can’t print double sided paper

If you’re looking for a laser printer without breaking the bank, the Pantum P2502W seems like a pretty solid choice. 

It features a sleek and compact form factor that will fit in any office space. It can print up to 22 pages per minute, making it one of the fastest printers in this price range. It produces mono documents with sharp texts and consistent blacks. It can’t print color documents or photos, though.

There’s no touchscreen panel, but since this printer supports Wi-Fi, you can easily control it from your smartphone with the companion app. There’s also a USB port so you can connect your devices when there’s no internet. 

The biggest drawback of the Pantum is the low cartridge yield. The cartridge that comes with the printer can only yield 700 pages. However, you can upgrade to a standard cartridge that yields up to 1600 pages. Also, keep in mind that this printer doesn’t support auto-duplexing.

  • Portable and compact
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Photo paper is expensive
  • Limited functionality and paper size choices

The Canon Ivy Mini isn’t a fully-fledged printer in the complete sense of it. This portable mini printer is designed to make printing quick Polaroid-style photos on the go faster and easier. 

The printer features Bluetooth connectivity. It stays connected to your smartphone once you’ve paired it, enabling you to print photos as soon as you capture them.

The Canon Ivy prints on a special type of 2” x 3” ink-filled photo paper. In other words, you don’t need to add ink to the printer or anything; you just need to restock the photo paper every once in a while. 

Print quality is nothing special, as you’d expect from a printer of this design and form factor. It’s not intended to produce professional-style photo prints or anything; these are the types of photos that you can keep in your wallet or stick on the wall. 

One major disadvantage of the Canon Ivy is that print paper can be very costly. That’s pretty much normal for printers of this type, though, and many people really appreciate the convenience and fun the printer offers. Also, keep in mind that the printer’s built-in battery can only print up to 20 photos before it needs to be recharged. 

Print speed is acceptable, considering that this isn’t a volume-printing unit. It’ll give you a photo print in less than one minute. You can load up the printer with up to 10 photo papers at a time. 


HP DeskJet 4155e

  • Affordable
  • Supports Bluetooth and cloud printing
  • Can scan, copy, and fax documents
  • Compact form factor
  • Has an auto document feeder
  • Low capacity sheet tray
  • High running costs
  • No auto duplex

The HP Deskjet 4155e is a home printer that offers the basics at a low price tag. Its print quality is surprisingly great for a printer at this price range, both when it comes to document and photo printing. 

The printer is quite compact, so you can easily find a place for it In your room. But despite its small size, the 4155e is equipped with a flatbed scanner that lets you scan, copy, and fax documents. What’s more, you get an auto document feeder that minimizes manual work when

In terms of connectivity, the DeskJet supports USB, Bluetooth, and dual-band Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi module is self-healing, ensuring uninterrupted printing. You can print over the cloud from your smartphone using HP’s companion app, which you can also use to create custom workflows to save time.

The biggest problem with the 4155e is the high running costs. You’ll probably end up spending multiples of the printer’s cost on ink cartridges. However, if you opt for HP’s Instant Ink delivery service, you can make things a bit better. 

Another thing we don’t like is the abruptly small paper tray. It can only take 60 sheets at a time, and there’s no dedicated tray for photo paper.

Best all-in-one printer under $100: Canon PIXMA TR4720

The Canon PIXMA TR4720 is an all-in-one printer that offers lots of features for the asking price.

It flaunts a flatbed scanner that lets you scan, copy, and fax documents, along with an auto document sheet feeder that makes the process faster and easier. You can also print on both sides of the page with auto duplex functionality.

The paper tray can take up to 100 sheets at once, which is good for a budget printer. As for speed, the PIXMA can print as many as 8.8 pages per minute, which is considered average. 

There’s an LCD screen with limited functionality – you can’t use it to check ink or configure the printer’s settings. It only shows you that a job is in progress. But the good news is that you can download the Canon mobile app to control the printer and send commands. 

We also love the on-printer hardware buttons that let you specify how many copies you want and choose between mono and color printing.

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and USB. You can also print over the cloud with the Canon Print App.

Best printers under $100: features and considerations

Some of the features to look for when searching for a budget printers include:

Use Case 

The first thing you need to consider is how you’ll be using the printer. Do you need occasional document or photo printing at home? Or is it for an office or other type of commercial setting?

For home use, a small all-in-one inkjet printer should get the job done. On the other hand, an office printer should have high-yield cartridges and a large paper tray to handle volume printing. 

Inkjet vs Laser Printers

In the sub-$100 range, you have lots of inkjet printer model choices, with very few laser options. A laser print in this price category won’t likely offer anything fancy, and it’ll only print in mono. However, it’ll be faster than any inkjet choice. 

On the flip side, an inkjet will offer color printing. Some models also have a flatbed scanner, which adds copying and scanning functionalities. 


Connectivity options are important for a seamless user experience. Ideally, your printer should have some wired and wireless connectivity choices. Please note that the best wireless printers tend to cost a bit more than wired.

USB and Wi-Fi are standard in most sub-$100 printers, except maybe for those portable photo printers like the Canon Ivy Mini. Some models in this category also offer additional connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct.

Ink Economy

Printers that cost less than $100 usually don’t offer the best ink economy. Still, some budget printers can be more economical than others. 

Before buying a low-cost printer, check the price and yield of its cartridges or toner to calculate the cost per page. Also, consider getting a printer that’s compatible with a discounted ink delivery subscription service, like HP Instant Ink and Amazon Dash Replenishment. 


Small and lightweight printers can be easily moved around when needed. However, a printer isn’t truly portable unless it has a built-in rechargeable battery.

In the sub-$100 price range, the only portable printers that you’ll find are those small pocket-size printers that print polaroid-style photo prints.

Ease of Use

Many printers that cost less than $100 don’t come with an LCD control panel, which can make interacting with the printer a bit complicated.  Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to add an LCD screen to the package in this price range. 

Having a touchscreen display makes it easier for you to check print and ink status, configure the printer’s settings, choose media type, and resolve errors as they happen. 

Additional Features 

Some features like auto double-sided printing and document feeding are more common in premium printers, but some budget printers may still have them. 

If you value having the ability to print on both sides of the page to save on paper costs or regularly need to scan large documents, these features would definitely come in handy. 

Is it worth getting a printer under $100?

A cheap printer is worth it if a low initial price tag is important to you. Just keep in mind that the cheapest printers also tend to have the highest cost per page. 

On average, a budget consumer printer typically lasts for 3-5 years. Many factors, like maintenance and the type of ink cartridges you use, can influence the lifespan of your printer.  

Of course, your usage pattern plays a key role here as well. The more you use the printer, the more likely it’ll start to malfunction.

Do low-cost printers come with a warranty?

Yes, most budget printers come with a standard 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects resulting from normal use of the printer. You can opt for extended warranty for longer and wider coverage, but we don’t really think it’s necessary. 


Are there any laser printers under $100?

Laser printers usually carry a higher price tag than inkjet printers. It can be pretty hard to find a laser printer that doesn’t cross the $100 price tag. The only good option here is the Pantum P2502. 

What brand offers the cheapest printers?

Many brands like Canon, Brother, and HP offer cheap printers for the budget-minded consumers. The key here is to pick a printer that doesn’t compromise much on features and functionality to cut costs.

Our Verdict

To recap, the clear winner for the best printer under $100 is the Brother MFC-J1010DW. With a fast print speed, flatbed scanner, auto duplex printing, and borderless photo printer capabilities, it offers a well-rounded package with an insane value for your buck. 

On the other hand, if you need a printer with a great color photo output, check out the Canon PIXMA TS202. It produces beautiful photo prints with vivid colors, and if you need to print lots of photos, the XL high-yield cartridges will definitely come in handy. 

The HP DeskJet 4155e is another solid choice that offers many of the perks of the Brother MFC-J1010DW at an even more attractive price point.