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Best Small Printer 2023: compact & mini printers

If you are tight on space back at home or in the office, one of the best small printers may do the trick
Last Updated on September 8, 2023
Best Small Printer

Printers can be pretty bulky, especially if we’re talking about those 500-sheet laser printers with all-in-one functionality.

But not everyone has enough space for a huge printer in their home or office. Also, while not all people need to have a printer with them in their backpack, some professionals can definitely appreciate a battery-charged printer to print a few documents when traveling for work. The best small printers occupy less desk space and can even be portable for those who need flexibility.

In this round-up, we’ll help you choose the best printer for your needs. Our guide covers portable, home, office, and all-in-one printers to suit different use cases. 

Products at a Glance

How we choose the best small printer

When it comes to small printers, there are multiple criteria that take priority for most users: portability, functionality, and connectivity options.

For example, if you’ll be mainly printing from mobile devices, you need a printer with wireless printing. Some users also need to print on the go, so the printer’s size and weight, and whether it fits in a backpack or not, are important considerations.

We’ve narrowed down the research for the best small printer by reviewing models designed for different needs.

Our Recommended

Best Small Printer 2023: compact & mini printers

  • Portable design with rechargeable battery
  • Can scan and copy documents
  • Prints in both mono and color
  • Supports USB and Wi-Fi printing
  • Cartridges aren’t high-yielding
  • Slow print speed
  • The cost per page could be better
  • No USB drive printing

The HP OfficeJet 250 is arguably one of HP’s most promising portable printers. This unit packs the functionality of a printer, a scanner, and a copier in a compact, travel-size form factor that can easily fit in a normal-sized backpack. 

The OfficeJet 250 doesn’t always need a power outlet as it runs on a long-lasting rechargeable battery that can last you up to a whopping 225 prints. 

The OfficeJet supports USB and Wi-Fi printing, so you can either hook up a USB cable or print wirelessly from your phone or laptop, but you can’t print directly from a USB drive. 

With such a portable design, you might be concerned about print quality, but surprisingly, the OfficeJet produces some pretty good-looking documents with sharp text. It can also print color documents without breaking a sweat.

However, it’s pretty slow compared to regular printers, and you’ll likely need to replace the cartridges frequently as they don’t last that long. Alternatively, you can opt for HP’s high-yield cartridges. 

The cost per page is OK. It’s not great, but considering the portability of the printer, we can’t complain. Not to mention, it’s not really intended for heavy-duty, all-day printing. 

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Has a single sheet-fed scanner
  • Can scan documents up to 8.5” x 72”
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • No auto duplexing
  • High running costs
  • Slow print speed

Similar to the HP OfficeJet 250, the Epson WorkForce WF-110 is a portable, battery-powered printer that can print A4 documents and photos. You can charge it via both USB and AC adapters, or use it as a desktop computer by directly connecting it to a power source.

Weighing just 3.5 lbs, the Epson printer is lighter than some laptops. This enables you to take it everywhere you go in your backpack without worrying about straining your back.

What’s more, the WorkForce WF-110 is equipped with a single feed scanner that lets you scan your documents quickly. It doesn’t print double-sided documents in one go, though. The good news is that it can scan a wide range of document paper sizes of up to 8.5” x 72”.

As for connectivity, the WF-110 supports USB and Wi-Fi. You can also print documents with Wi-Fi Direct which doesn’t require an intermediary network to establish a connection between your mobile device and printer. 

Additionally, you can print remotely from supported cloud services such as Mopria, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. It’s also worth noting that the Epson ScanSmart software offers smart tools that make scanning, reviewing, and organizing your documents more efficient.

Despite being one of our favorite portable printers, we don’t really recommend the Epson WF-110 for high-volume printing, simply because it’s slow and the cost per page is high. For occasional printing on the go, you can rely on the WF-110 for all your printing and scanning needs.

  • Good mono print speed
  • Supports auto duplexing
  • Has an automatic document feeder
  • LCD panel with easy controls
  • Supports cloud printing
  • Heavy
  • Slow at printing color documents

The Brother MFC-J1010DW is a compact all-in-one printer that hasn’t compromised functionality in exchange for a smaller footprint.

With its flatbed scanner, the Brother MFC-J1010DW can scan, copy, and fax your documents. What’s more, the printer is equipped with an automatic document feeder that lets you scan or copy larger documents more conveniently. Automatic double-sided printing works great too; you’ll definitely be able to save on paper costs with this functionality.

Additionally, the MFC-J1010DW lets you print via USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. You can also print or scan documents remotely with cloud printing support. In terms of speed, the Brother printer is pretty fast when printing mono documents, with a speed that reaches 17 pages per minute. However, for color documents or photos, expect a speed that’s almost half that of the mono printing speed.

We also appreciate that the MFC-J1010DW is capable of printing borderless photos; we just can’t stand those ugly borders that many printer models force on us. The LCD panel makes it easier to interact with the printer, monitor ink and print status, and adjust its settings. 

However, despite its small size, the Brother MFC-J1010DW is quite heavy, so don’t expect that moving it around will be an easy task.


HP Deskjet 3755

  • Low price tag
  • Has an LCD panel
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Supports Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with HP’s Instant Ink service
  • High cost per page
  • Low-capacity paper tray
  • Can’t print double-sided documents automatically
  • Lacks a USB port

The HP DeskJet 3755 provides basic printing, scanning, and copying needs without breaking the bank. 

It’s pretty compact for an all-in-one printer, but can still print on paper sizes up to 8.5” x 14”. The roll feed scanner can scan different types of paper, not just plain A4 paper. However, you can’t print double-sided documents automatically. 

The cost per page is high, but you can save on ink costs by subscribing to HP’s Instant Ink service which delivers ink cartridges to your doorstep for a small monthly fee. Not to mention, if you sign up for this, you’ll get up to 4 months’ worth of ink for free. 

There’s an icon LCD screen that allows you to configure the printer’s settings, read error messages and troubleshoot problems, and check ink and print status. It makes interacting with the printer much less complicated. 

Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Ethernet. You can also print from cloud services such as Apple AirPrint, Dropbox, and Google Cloud Print. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t find a USB port anywhere, meaning that you can’t connect your mobile phone to the printer without a Wi-Fi connection. 

Other drawbacks include a small 60-sheet paper tray and slow print speed. Nevertheless, the HP DeskJet 3755 is a pretty solid budget printer for those who need a compact printer for light home use. 

  • Auto expandable tray
  • Works with voice commands
  • Supports cloud printing
  • Can print double-sided document
  • Fast speed
  • Lacks an auto document feeder
  • No memory card slot
  • Cartridges aren’t cheap

The Canon Pixma TS6320 is a compact home printer with a design language and features that make it a futuristic model. 

It flaunts a sleek, contemporary design that you’d love to look at. It also has an auto-expandable output tray that’s triggered when you send a print command to the printer, even when it’s turned off. You can even print your documents with Alexa voice commands.  

The flatbed scanner enables you to scan and copy your documents and photos. Additionally, the TS6320 features a 5-color ink cartridge system that produces high-quality documents and borderless photos with excellent clarity and color reproduction. It can print as many as 15 documents per minute, which is pretty good for an inkjet. 

The modular cartridge design allows you to replace individual color cartridges without having to replace the entire cartridge system. On top of that, there’s a 1.44” OLED display that lets you configure the printer’s settings, in addition to a cool LED status bar that tells you the print status from across the room. 

We also appreciate that Canon equipped this printer with dual sheet trays, enabling you to separate your photo and plain paper. In addition, you can print double-sided documents easily with auto-duplexing. 

Moving on to connectivity, the TS6320 lets you print via USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. You can also print and scan your docs remotely with cloud mobile printing using supported services like the Canon PRINT app, AirPrint on iOS, and Mopria on Android. 

The only noticeable downsides of the PIXMA are the lack of a memory card slot and auto document feeder. You should also keep in mind that, while this is by no means a bulky printer, we wouldn’t say it’s portable. 

Small printer features and considerations

These are some of the factors that you need to look out for when shopping for a small printer. 


When choosing a small printer, consider how portable it is, especially if you’ll frequently be moving it around or need to print on the go.

If you’ll be getting a traditional office or home printer, make sure that it’s small and lightweight enough for you to be able to move it across different rooms or from one office to another.

On the other hand, if a portable printer is what you need, look for a printer that can fit in a bag and has a built-in rechargeable battery. 


Many small printers support both wired and wireless printing. The vast majority of small printers we’ve encountered support Wi-Fi printing. However, some mini printers, especially those designed for Polaroid photo printing, only support Bluetooth to enable quick printing from your phone or camera. 

Also, consider if you need a USB port, Ethernet, or a memory card slot because most small printers are missing at least one of these. It’s also worth noting that not all printers that have USB ports can take USB drives. Some can only be used to connect your phone, camera, or tablet.


Small printers can either be printer-only models or all-in-one printers. Generally, printer-only models tend to be smaller, more lightweight, and less complex, making them a great choice if portability and size are important to you.

On the other hand, if you need to print and scan documents, a small printer with a flatbed scanner or a scan feed will be a better choice for you. 

Paper Size

Small printers typically compromise on the maximum supported paper size in exchange for a more compact or lightweight design. Before deciding on a printer, make sure that it can print on the paper size you need. 

Printing Costs

Due to their portable or compact design, small printers tend to have a higher cost per page than normal desktop printers. However, some printers do better in this compartment than others. 

Before deciding on a particular small printer, check out the price of its cartridges and how many pages each cartridge yields to get an estimate of the long-term running costs of each printer.


Some small printers are capable of printing at fast speeds that exceed 12 pages per minute, while others can be really slow. Typically, a slow print speed shouldn’t be a problem if you need to print large volumes of documents in a short time. Still, it’d be better to look for a compact printer that doesn’t take forever to produce a print.

Can a small printer print high-quality documents and photos?

Yes, a small printer may still be able to produce sharp documents and photos. However, this really depends on the printer’s ink system. While you won’t find a fancy 9-cartridge ink system in a compact printer, that doesn’t mean you won’t find one with comparable quality. 

What is the smallest photo-quality printer?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link is probably the smallest photo printer out there. It uses sublimation to print your photos on a special type of paper. However, keep in mind that it can only print small, pocket-size photos, and its paper can be expensive. 

How many documents can a small printer print?

On average, you should be able to get around 200 pages from a compact printer’s cartridge. However, this largely varies based on the printer’s ink system. 

Also, keep in mind that portable printers with rechargeable batteries may need to be charged before you’re all able to fully consume the ink inside the cartridges.


Is a small printer worth it?

A small printer can definitely be a good investment if you occasionally need to print some documents or photos but don’t have enough space in your office for a larger printer. 

Can I connect multiple devices to a small printer?

Yes. As long as the printer supports Wi-Fi, you can easily connect multiple devices to it simultaneously. The print and scan commands will be queued. 

Our Verdict

Editor's Pick
Best Small Printer

Best Small Printer 2023: compact & mini printers

So that was our two cents on the best small printers out there.

Based on our experience, the OfficeJet 250 easily claims the crown as the best small printer you can buy. It’s one of the few printers out there that’s truly portable, with a backpack size form factor and an internal rechargeable battery. The Epson WF-110 is also a good portable option here.  

Alternatively, if you want a small printer for home or office use and don’t really need the portability that the OfficeJet 250 offers, consider getting the Canon PIXMA TS6320. It’s fast, easy to use, and has an auto-expandable output tray. 

Finally, if you want to save a few bucks, check out the HP DeskJet 3755. This is a compact home printer that’ll serve you well with light printing and scanning needs without breaking the bank.