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Best Small Printer 2024: Compact Printers for Home & Office Use

Keep your desk space tidy with one of these top compact printers!
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best Small Printer

The best small printer is a great investment for home offices, providing all the features you need with a much smaller footprint. There are loads of different options to choose from, a variety of reputable brands, and various ink options – and with working from home at an all-time high – it can be hard to find the right compact printer for your needs.

We’ve helped narrow things down with our selection of the best printers for home offices – across a range of budget and functional needs. Whether you only need the occasional document printed or you work with a lot of paper documentation in your home, these printers are sure to serve your every need.

Products at a Glance

How We Picked the Best Small Printer

Aside from size, there are a number of other factors we considered when choosing our top five small printers. We prioritized printers with good print speeds and print quality, but also those that enabled wireless connectivity for added convenience. A degree of portability was also welcome: for even more convenience than even a home office offers. We settled on five printers at a range of price points, each one being a stellar unit in its own right, but having distinct advantages over the others.

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  • Portable design
  • Built-in scanner
  • Versatile wireless connectivity
  • Higher cost-per-page

Our top pick for the best small printer is the HP OfficeJet 250: combining all the best features of a top-quality standard printer whilst keeping it contained within a tiny footprint.

The OfficeJet 250 packs a number of features designed for convenience: it’s battery-operated, with a long lifespan to allow you to print on the go for long periods without recharging – around 225 pages of printing on average. It also has built-in scanning and copying features for added functionality, and wireless printing from computers or phones. Prints are produced quickly and to a high standard, as can be expected from a top-of-the-line manufacturer such as HP.

However, like so many other printers, the catch comes in the cost of ink. Though the printer itself isn’t as cheap as some others, the cost of low-yield HP ink cartridges means that the average cost-per-print is quite high. But for unmatched convenience and quality, the OfficeJet 250 is still our best small printer on the market!

  • Built-in scanner
  • Battery-operated
  • Highly lightweight and portable
  • Scanner sold seperately

There’s a lot of similarities between the Epson WorkForce WF-110 and our previous selection, but being lighter than many other printers it earns a spot as our best portable printer. A wireless battery-powered printer with a ton of great features, this is a great compact option for the home office on the go.

Weighing just 3.5lbs, the WF-110 is lighter than most laptops and can be easily carried thanks to an unassuming design. With great battery life and print speeds, this Epson printer can create standard-size documents quickly and consistently – via a wired connection or a wireless one.

The only negative factor that stops this from being our best small printer is the scanner module is sold separately rather than being a built-in module. It reduces the footprint of the printer itself, but buying a separate portable scanner is less convenient. That said, the WF-110 is still among the best compact printers on the market!


  • Good mono print speed
  • Supports auto duplexing
  • Supports cloud printing
  • Heavy

We’re big fans of Brother printers here, and the MFC-J1010DW is another one of their stellar offerings – this time in the budget and compact printer department. For the most affordable small printer for your home office, consider this plucky underdog of a product.

With automated double-sided printing and a built-in scanner, the MFC-J1010DW leaves little on the table while maintaining a great price. For monochrome documents, the print speed is as fast as 17 pages per minute – and it can also print color documents and photos, albeit slower. To send your work to the printer, you’ve got the choice of ethernet, USB, and WiFi connectivity. 

However, while it’s certainly compact by printer standards, it’s not as small as the other picks on our list today, being both bulky and heavy and therefore difficult to transport. The MFC-J1010DW is a great printer that’s small-cost and small-scale, but it’s not the most portable compact printer in the world!

  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Supports wireless printing
  • Low-capacity paper tray

For a compact all-in-one compact printer for households, consider the HP DeskJet 3755. This unit keeps overall costs low while keeping its print output high, resulting in great value for money.

With a 60-sheet printer tray and a small overall footprint, the DeskJet 3755 is an unassuming unit that can fit anywhere in your home. The built-in scanner makes for versatile home solutions for copying physical documents, and an LCD screen allows you to configure various settings in the printer itself.

That said, the 60-sheet tray can be a hindrance rather than a help, as it quickly becomes frustrating having to pause frequently to resupply on heavy-duty cycles. For general home use, however, the DeskJet 3755 is affordable, versatile, and an overall worthwhile purchase!

  • Quick setup
  • Auto-duplexing available
  • Fast print speed
  • Noisy

If you are after a fast compact printer for your home or office, then consider the Canon Pixma TS6320. With a setup that’s as fast as the print speeds, this unit is compact and quick to print even the lengthiest of documents.

The Canon Pixma range of InkJet printers are all ready to print practically out of the box, with a setup time measured in minutes. Once online printing is fast and easy with a 5-color cartridge system for quality documents and even borderless photos with great color accuracy. Dual sheet trays separate your photo and document paper without compromising on size, and the 1.4″ OLED display is an intuitive hands-on configuration solution that adds to Canon’s sleek wireless printer design.

If we had to complain about one element of the TS6320, it would be the noise level: though printing is fast, you’ll know when it’s happening thanks to the above-average noise levels. If you can abide by the audible printing, however, then this Canon printer is the ideal small printer for your home!

Best Compact Photo Printer: Canon SELPHY Square QX10

While there are some far better 4X6 and general photo printers available – the Canon SELPHY QX10 is the best for its compact size (102.2 x 143.3 x 31.0 mm). Weighing just half a kilo, you can take this pretty much anywhere and print directly from your iPhone or Android. The print quality may lack that of a desktop printer, however, for on-the-go polaroids – it’s great. Unfortunately, you don’t get many prints before the battery needs to be recharged

Best Small Printer: Features and Considerations

No matter what size printer you buy or the budget you have, every printer has a range of different specifications and use cases. It is important to get the right printer for your printing tasks. So, If you’re looking to invest, here are the key factors to input before you purchase:

Print Speed

Depending on what you intend to print using your printer, speed can and should factor into your purchase. For large amounts of text documents, print speed can be essential, but photo printing is ideally a slower process to ensure quality. When researching, look for a printer that ideally strikes the balance of both.

Print Quality

An important feature of any printer is how well it can print, and even the best small printers will reach a certain threshold of print quality. This is generally measured in Dots per Inch (DPI), and can be a good litmus test for a printer’s resolution before you make your purchase. Equally, if you plan to do large amounts of scanning, then consider the scan resolution.


Whilst most modern printers feature a form of wireless compatibility, be sure to double-check on the off-chance that it doesn’t. You’ll still be able to connect via a USB cable or another wired input, but this can be a major inconvenience for placement and printing.

Ink System and Cost

Printer manufacturers famously employ the “razor and blades” model of business: while the printer is more affordable, the cost of ink makes up for it. Check to see whether your small printer has a suitable ink economy and whether it is potentially compatible with more affordable third-party ink brands. Many consumers are switching to ink tank printers these days for their economic and environmental benefits.

Can a small printer print photos?

Depending on the model of printer, you can print photos using a compact printer, though there are dedicated pocket-sized products for images that may be better suited to the task. 

Can I connect multiple devices to a small printer?

Yes. As long as the printer supports Wi-Fi, you can easily connect multiple devices to most printers simultaneously. 

Our Verdict

Though the ink economy isn’t ideal, the HP OfficeJet manages to strike a great balance between print quality, print speed and printer size – making it a cinch for the best small printer on the market in 2024! Though each of our other products today has its respective strengths and weaknesses, each are viable print solutions for those working with limited space – or limited funds.

For the opposite end of the spectrum, why not check out our guide on the best large-format printers available today?