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Will there be a new Samsung Note in 2023?

All the facts about the now discontinued Galaxy Note and potential upcoming releases
Last Updated on April 24, 2023
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It’s a question on the minds of many Galaxy Note fans: will there be another version of the beloved Samsung Note in 2023?

The short answer is, technically no – big emphasis on technically. While Samsung has already made announcements about the future of the Samsung Galaxy Note, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a replacement model currently on the market.

Sometimes dubbed as a “phablet”, the Samsung Galaxy Note offers the best of both worlds. With the addition of the S-pen, the Note models offer that tablet feel with the portability benefits of a smartphone. Alongside its infamous stylus, there are also a few notable features. For example its large AMOLED display, decent processor, and relatively long-lasting battery life.

Is Samsung Galaxy Note discontinued?

Unfortunately, yes. Samsung executives have already announced that the Galaxy Note phones are discontinued, but only the name. The last Samsung Galaxy Note was actually released back in 2020 – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

This change makes sense. The sales for the Galaxy Note were slowing down. Moreover, Samsung was looking to direct its focus on more revolutionary models. Most famously the Samsung Z Flip and Z Fold.

Still aware of their long-standing Note fans, Samsung decided to continue the model under a new name – the Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S-series Ultra comes with the S-Pen, which inserts into the handset – just like the Note. It also features a similar user interface clearly backing up Samsung’s claim that these new models are a Note replacement.

Is S23 Ultra out?

So since we know that there is technically no hope for a new Samsung Galaxy Note this year, what should we be looking out for instead?

As previously mentioned, the Note models are being revived through the Samsung Galaxy Ultras. Following this logic, the upcoming Samsung S23 Ultra will be the next in line, for those Note superfans looking to make an upgrade.

As it stands, the Samsung S23 is not out just yet. However, Samsung has scheduled the next Galaxy Unpacked event, which is set to take place on February 1st. At this event, we hope to see the release of the highly anticipated Galaxy S23 and S23+, the S23 Ultra.

The pre-order reserve list is also live on the Samsung site. So if you are looking to be the first in line to get this phone, do not hesitate to sign up.

Many rumors have been circulating that the pre-order date will be the 1st of February. Leading to the expected release date of the 17th of the same month. However, until Samsung makes an official announcement, we will never know for sure when these models will be released.

Is the Ultra replacing the Note?

Yes, essentially the Galaxy Ultra is replacing the old Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Ultra offers similar specs to the Note such as the S-Pen, a large display and a similar user interface.

Final Thoughts

Samsung has already announced the death of the Galaxy Note series. With the new replacement name, the Galaxy S-series Ultra, Note fans can still get ahold of the same features alongside the latest hardware and software upgrades.

We expect to see the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra this coming February. So be sure to sign up for the Samsung pre-order reserve list, if you want to be one of the first with the new device.

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