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Is the Samsung S23 waterproof?

Our Galaxy S23 water resistance prediction
Last Updated on April 24, 2023
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Samsung has announced the next line of smartphones in their Galaxy S-series this February. Alongside their launch, many Samsung fans are wondering: Is the Samsung S23 waterproof?

As of writing, Samsung has made an official statement outlining the new Galaxy S23 features. Much like current smartphones on the market, the Galaxy S23 comes with some form of water resistance. IP68 water resistance to be exact.

What does rated IP68 mean?

As we have mentioned, we expect the new Galaxy S23 to have the best water resistance protection available for smartphones. The IP68 rating, which is currently also on the Galaxy S22 means the phone is protected against dust and water.

The first number tells us how well the phone is protected against foreign objects, aka dust. In this case, the number six is the best dust resistance rating on the IP scale.

What about the eight, you may ask? Well, the number eight indicates that the phone is water resistant to a depth of up to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. This is a pretty high IP rating and is relatively common nowadays.

Bare in mind, that these water resistance ratings only apply to fresh water. So don’t go dunking your phone in your coffee or the sea!

What is IP rating?

The IP (Ingress Protection or International Protection) rating tells us the level of dust and water resistance a device has. These ratings are run by the International Electrotechnical Commission. In order to get an IP rating, products must go through a variety of tests to receive their score.

The first digit in the score relates to the device’s ability to protect against foreign particles, such as dust. Where the second digit indicates the level of water resistance the product has. Most advanced smartphones commonly come with a rating of IP68 or IP67.

  • IP68: Protects against dust and is water resistant up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes.
  • IP67: Protects against dust and is water resistant up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

Can I use my S23 in the shower?

The Galaxy S23 is rated water-resistant and not waterproof. However, it does have a rating of IP68 so technically your phone should be ok in the shower. Although to preserve the longevity and quality of your smartphone, we recommend not taking your Galaxy S23 in the shower. Especially, if your phone has any cracks or dents that could invalidate the IP68 rating.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that the new smartphone is water-resistant, with a rating of IP68. We have also found a bunch of Galaxy S23 features online. So if you are looking to find out what else the S23 has to offer, read here.

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