Is AutoGPT from OpenAI?

AutoGPT's creators revealed

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AutoGPT transforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 model into an autonomous chatbot, but is AutoGPT from OpenAI?

To clear things up, AutoGPT was not developed by OpenAI. It is an unsupervised AI tool that leverages OpenAI’s models but was not created by the San Francisco-based tech firm. 

Who is the creator of Auto-GPT?

So, who created AutoGPT? Well, this chatbot was developed by Toran Bruce Richards, a game developer and founder of Significant Gravitas. He built this experimental open-source application to highlight GPT-4’s capabilities. 

What makes AutoGPT unique is its ability to chain together ideas and thoughts to be able to self-prompt. Which means it can autonomously achieve any task you set it. It is one of the first examples of running OpenAI’s LLM (large language model) completely autonomously. 

What can I use Auto-GPT for?

AutoGPT can be considered an upgraded version of ChatGPT with the ability to automate its tasks. It can take the form of your own personal assistant. The best AutoGPT use cases include designing websites, researching information online and running marketing analysis.

To use AutoGPT, you are required to have an OpenAI account so you can access their API keys. This is so you can connect the model to GPT-4. You are also required to have knowledge and experience running Python scripts, cloning repositories in GitHub and executing commands in the terminal. 

The autonomous chatbot is open source and anyone can access the source code from its dedicated GitHub page. If you are interested in using it, you can find all the instructions on how to setup the model in the ReadME file in the repository.

Final Thoughts

AutoGPT was created independently from OpenAI and was actually developed by Toran Bruce Richards. However, in order to use AutoGPT you will need to have an OpenAI account and have access to the OpenAI’s API.