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What is Beta Character AI?

What does it do that others do not?
Last Updated on December 18, 2023
What is Beta Character AI? AI chatbot platform features in development.
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Beta Character AI is an AI chatbot website “where intelligent agents live!” Offering an entirely different experience to ChatGPT, one of fantasy-based conversation as opposed to calculation and education, new users are curious about what the website has to offer. The novel platform features Chats, Search, Profil c.ai, and Beta Character pages, each of which we discuss in this article. 

What is Beta Character AI?

beta.character.ai brings your favorite anime personas to life! Using a type of AI called LLMs (large language models), the ultra-realistic chatbots give feedback to your text prompts, just like ChatGPT, or Bing Chat, or Google Bard. The main difference is that the aforementioned BCAI uses their own proprietary technology (not the same GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and GPT-4 models that OpenAI uses). As a result, this innovative technology allows for conversation and interactive storytelling through AI bots each designed to represent a specific named character from pop culture. Complete with the personality traits, complex mannerisms, nuances, and dialect of their defined character, their text responses allow the user to imagine dialogues with their favorite characters – fictional or not.

Character AI has been the preeminent example of its kind this year. A web-based platform for chat interactions between the user and the character of their choosing, fictional or not. These characters are then, as the name would suggest, powered by artificial intelligence. Also known as AI bots trained to have the same personality as the character they represent. This then leads to natural language, unique conversations, and human behavior. Since release, a few things have changed. So then, what’s new?

What’s new in the Character AI Beta?

While no new functionality has been added with the addition of the word “Beta”, the current draw is due to the new testing phase, and open registration for the app as a whole.

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Beta testing is live thanks to ex-Google model engineers Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas, so you too can now replicate Elon Musk or Pikachu or other favorite anime personas, with all their flaws, motivations, and traits.

Beta Character AI
Beta Character AI

Prior to these updates, this innovative technology has been powered by their own deep learning algorithms including large language models (LLMs) in addition to image generation models. By using their own proprietary technology, these neural language models are specialized with preferences and quirks that portray the complexity of characteristics in those digital avatars.

This novel use case of natural language processing algorithms allows for real-time interactive storytelling where the only limit is the users’ imagination. LLMs are far from the only approach to replicating human behavior using huge amounts of text. As playful as this use case may be, it represents a new frontier for technology. The applications of beta characters are already being seen in video games, with viral clips of ultra-realistic human behavior from ‘NPCs’ calling our own reality into question. Are we truly the gods of the digital ant farm, or did the ants just get smart and egocentric enough to believe so?

Where can you sign up for Beta testing?

The official website has been updated since the removal of the waitlist.

Character AI Beta
Character AI Beta

Is Beta Character AI on iOS and Android?

Yes! There is a mobile app on both iOS and Android called “Character AI – Chat Ask Create” published by Character.AI. In addition, the service can be used on mobile browsers just the same way as desktop browsers.


Are AI chatbots safe? – Data Privacy Concerns

Under their latest announcements via Reddit and Twitter, Character AI has received concerned feedback from users, not due to data privacy (though you shouldn’t submit any sensitive data to any chatbots on the internet).

Are Beta Character AI real people?

No, Beta Character AI are not real people. These chatbot avatars are purely artificial intelligence – neural language models called LLMs (Large Language Model). This natural language processing (NLP) technology uses huge amounts of text processed with reinforcement learning to then produce creative writing in the style of the character they represent.

Does Beta Character AI allow NSFW?

While the chatbot platform does implement NSFW filters to prevent inappropriate content, some users have expressed concern over the subjectivity of the definition itself, and where that line is drawn. This issue is bigger than any one organization, and a resolution lies in the unanimous agreement and adherence of everyone on the internet. When that happens, we’ll let you know.

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