Bing AI vs Bard AI

The battle of the AI-powered search engines

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Google has been dominating the search engine space for some time, but could Microsoft’s Bing become the next front-runner?

Both tech giants have announced they will be releasing AI-powered search engines to the public – and it is no surprise. AI-powered chatbots have become rapidly popular in the last few months, in particular, OpenAI’s Chat GPT. It was only a matter of time before we saw this technology implemented in our favorite search engines.

Both tools are expected to perform in similar ways – as AI search assistants. Drawing information directly from the internet, providing up-to-date reliable answers to its users.

However, in recent news, Google’s Bard faced backlash for identifying the wrong telescope in a demo video released to the public. This major error resulted in Alphabet’s stock dropping a staggering one hundred billion dollars overnight, raising concerns over the reliability of these tools.

Nevertheless, you will have the ability to communicate with both AI bots in a conversational manner, seeking their advice, having them explain complex topics, and asking any sort of question your heart desires.

Bing AI vs Bard AI: Summary

Bing AIBard AI
CreatorsMicrosoft BingGoogle
Release DateFebruary 2023February 2023
Main FeaturesBuilt on OpenAI’s language models
Draws information from the internet
Built on Google’s LaMDA
Draws information from the internet
AccessibilityWaitlist openLimited availability (currently only open to testers)
UsesAssist in basic search functions
Question answering
Explain complex concepts
Provide creative ideas
Write code
Write poems and stories
Assist in basic search functions
Question answering
Explain complex concepts
Provide creative ideas

Both AI tools are unsurprisingly similar. As you would expect, Microsoft will be implementing OpenAI’s large language model infrastructure into Bing – using the same model which powers the ever-so-famous Chat GPT.

Unfortunately, both tools are currently unavailable to the public. However, Microsoft has opened up a waiting list for the new version of Bing. And you can fast-track this process by installing the Bing App.

Interestingly, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, hasn’t clarified if Bard AI will have the ability to generate lengthy text, such as writing poems and stories. So, this could be a feature exclusive to Bing.

Final Thoughts

At the moment, both Bing AI and Bard AI are yet to be released to a wider audience. But, once they are, it will definitely be interesting to see how these engines perform.

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