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Can ChatGPT teach me how to code?

Discover how to use ChatGPT as your own personal coding assistant
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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With the increasing advancements in AI and its widespread availability, ChatGPT is playing a significant role in helping people learn new things more efficiently and effectively. As a result, people can now receive more assistance in learning or improving new skills, thanks to the availability of AI technology.

In the article below, we will answer can ChatGPT teach me how to code? Discussing whether ChatGPT has become advanced enough to teach humans.

Can I learn coding from ChatGPT?

As an AI-based language model, ChatGPT is all about writing texts. However, you can also use it to generate code since the syntax it would create would be in the form of text.

Whether or not it can teach you to code depends on your ability to learn or understand things. ChatGPT can write different code snippets for you in various programming languages. These would include Java, Python, C#, and JavaScript among others.

As a chatbot, ChatGPT is not limited to just generating code for copying and pasting. This is because the process of learning involves being able to explain things.

Therefore, in addition to generating codes, ChatGPT also provides explanations. This is particularly beneficial for those who are new to programming languages, as it helps them learn and understand the code they are using. Without explanations, it would be difficult to determine whether the codes are correct or not.


Should I use ChatGPT to write code?

There are pros and cons of writing codes using ChatGPT. On the one side, it can help you to write code faster to save time, which you can utilize to learn new skills. However, on the other hand, it limits your learning capacity and can even make you lazy to work.


So, can ChatGPT teach me how to code? Well, using ChatGPT to write code or to learn how to write codes is possible. However, it all depends on your learning style. Remember that no matter what, ChatGPT is still just an AI-powered tool, and it is not more capable nor helpful than a human hand. 

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