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Conch AI: What is it?

Students love Conch AI, let's explore why
Last Updated on April 10, 2023
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Conch AI seems like a godsend for students. It is truly the ultimate AI application for anyone in education. The developers even describe it as the “power of ChatGPT with the ease of use of Grammarly”.

So, what really is it? Conch AI is an AI writing assistant that can help you churn out essays faster. You can leverage the software to rewrite sentences and paragraphs, summarize sources, and answer your questions. As well as, generate introductions, conclusions, and outlines.

But, that’s not all. Conch also has a built-in AI detector bypasser that can help you sneak past popular detectors such as GPTZero, Turnitin, and more.

We do not encourage our readers to solely rely on AI to complete their assignments, and users must be aware of the risks they’re taking when using AI to generate their essays.

Nevertheless, this app even has a Chrome extension which is supported on Gmail, WordPress, Google Docs, and Linkedin among others.

What does Conch AI do?

So, what can Conch AI actually do? Well, according to the developers the AI application can be used to elevate your essay. Simply run your essay through their proprietary algorithm and Conch AI can help you rewrite it until it becomes AI detection free.

Detect AI Plagiarism with ConchCheck™

Even though your essay will be written with the assistance of AI, this platform will ensure your essay doesn’t get flagged by an AI detector! As part of the service, you will get a score for how much of your document is written by AI through the ConchCheck platform.

In-text Citations with ConchBib™

According to the developers, you can “write literally anything” and ConchBib will “handle citations for you”. This feature will pull up citation suggestions for your essay meaning you will save loads of time referencing your assignment.

Autocomplete with AI

Struggling to finish a sentence or make the word limit? Well, the autocomplete feature can help by suggesting the next words you could use to complete your sentence.


Conch AI’s rewrite feature is perfect for anyone looking to shorten, extend or reword their essay.

Is Conch AI free?

Yes, you can try Conch AI for free. Anyone who signs up will gain access to 3,000 tokens which can be used on any of their tools but not all their features.

Final thoughts

This AI application seems like a more advanced and elevated version of ChatGPT and Grammarly. Given its AI detector features and the fact you can try it for free, we expect this application to become extremely popular among students.

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