Copy AI – Content Tool Explained

Everything you need to know about this AI content generator

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Looking for an AI content creator? Then Copy AI might be the tool for you! This application is one of the newer AI writing platforms to hit the market.

Similar to WriteSonic, Copy AI can help bloggers and small business owners generate marketing material and entire blog posts.

But, is it all that? Well, our experts bring you everything you need to know about this AI copywriter. So, if that’s enticing enough keep on reading.

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What is Copy AI?

So, what really is Copy AI? This AI application is the ultimate content creation platform. It can generate human-style text for a variety of uses such as blog posts, ad copy such as Facebook ads and social media posts.

But that’s not all it can also help you with content marketing, auto-generating product descriptions and long-form content. This writing tool is trusted by a load of well-known companies including Nestle, eBay and Oglivy.

Copy AI features

Let’s have a finer look at Copy AI’s features. The first major offering is their templates. Copy AI has a load of templates spanning from cover letters, resumes and business plans. But, there’s more. The platform also offers a free SEO title generator, blog outline maker and social media content creator to name a few.

If you want to take advantage of this AI writer you can also install its dedicated browser extension. This Chrome integration means you can start using this AI content generator in your favorite apps such as Google Docs and WordPress.

It is not completely clear whether the platform offers a plagiarism checker but it does have a paraphrasing tool to help you rephrase any piece of text.

Is Copy AI free?

Yes, you can use Copy AI for free! And, no it’s not a free trial it’s a proper subscription plan! Their free plan gives you access to the platform’s dedicated chatbot Chat by, access to 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects and the Blog Wizard tool. The only caveat being you’ll only be able to generate up to 2,000 words a month.

And, if that’s not enough, Copy AI does have paid subscription plans which give you access to premium benefits. This comes in around $36 a month and means you can generate an unlimited number of words in 29+ languages. As well as exclusive access to new features.