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ChatGPT has brought AI into mainstream consciousness and a very popular use of ChatGPT is its ability to write essays. Free AI essay writer tools have emerged as powerful assistants that can enhance productivity, provide valuable suggestions, and assist in generating well-structured and concise essays. ChatGPT has transformed how we look at AI tools but it is not the only essay writer tool available.

In this article we are going to give you a list of the best free AI essay generator tools available in 2023.

Free AI Essay Writer tools list

ToolDescriptionPC Guide Rating
OpenAI’s ChatGPTOne of the most popular free tools and more comprehensive tools. There is a paid for plan (see below) that provides some additional benefits. 4.8 / 5
GrammarlyGOOne of the most popular real-time grammar and spell-checking now has a AI powered essay writer tool. GrammarlyGO described as a tool for all writing needs.4.5 / 5
ProWritingAidThis tools you write better essays. It has an assistant to help with your creative writing and they also will checked your own writing for grammar, style, readability by providing detailed feedback reports.4.4 / 5
TinyWow – EssayWriterA free to use tool that has a simple interface. No need to sign up just get straight into it4 / 5
EssayBotThey claim you can generate an essay in minutes. All you need to do is provide a essay title or topic and it generates essay outlines and provides content based on the given topic. It will also provide you with citations and sources to help with demonstrating your essay is researched.4.5 / 5
QuillBotQuillbot Cowriter is powerful assistant that gives you tools to research, write and enhance. 4.5 / 5
Ref-N-WriteIf you are needing support in writing scientific essays then this is a great tool to check out. It has AI-assisted writing suggestions that are based on your research materials and it offers a plugin for Microsoft Word.4.2 / 5

Remember that these tools should be treated as aids to incorporate your own ideas, critical thinking, and writing style to produce high-quality essays.

Essential AI Tools

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If you are looking for paid for services we have compiled a list below.

AI Essay writer tools – Paid subscription

ChatGPT PlusIt uses the same based NLP models as the free version but you get some additional benefits. These include: Faster Response Times, Higher Accuracy, No Downtime During Peak Times andearly access to experimental features
Writer.comAn enterprise platform that provides a wide variety of tools that allows you to create any type of content
Jasper.aiA powerful tool that allows you to create essays very quickly. They have recently launch JasperArt so you can create supporting images for your essay.

Utilising AI essay generator tools helps with the creation process of writing but it is important to understand how these tools generate the essay copy. AI tools harvest content from across the web so it will alway be limited by what is already out there.

This is where you need to take care as the free AI essay writer tools can tend to copy existing articles or documents without sufficiently re-writing it. The paid for essay writer tools are more robust in this regard. AI content and plagiarism checkers are great as they can check to see if your essay has any commonality with anything on the web. It will also check to see if it essay looks like it has been generated by AI.

Originality.aiThis is a paid for tool but it is relatively inexpensive. It claims to be the most accurate on the market and from our testing we would agree. It also checks to see if your essay content looks like it has been generated by AI.