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Best AI Tools in 2023 – for app development, resumes, and more

From AI app designers to art generators, discover the best apps below
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
best ai tools
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In this article, we’ll share the top 5 best AI tools to help you streamline your work and make your life easier.

We live in the era of AI, and even if this new age is still in its adolescence, we have already seen so much. So many companies are launching their AI tools and programs!

But, with so many tools and programs already out there, things have already gotten pretty confusing when deciding which tools to use for each purpose. From AI chatbots to blog post writers, there is pretty much an app for any type of content creation task.

These tools can help you automate repetitive tasks, analyze data quickly, and improve decision-making.  So, let’s begin our discussion.

Products at a Glance

How We Picked The Best AI Tools

You might have heard much about ChatGPT, its latest version, and other AI tools that are now breaking the internet. But, we are not here to discuss those same tools again and add no value. Our list is unique, and it will enable you to save your workload and time, truly.

We decided to pick new AI tools that can help you in several ways. In this list, expect to find AI app developers, resume creators, art generators and so much more. So here are our top 5 best AI tools.

If you are looking for more AI recommendations, then head over to our Best AI Art Generators: 5 Tools You Should Know About guide. As well as, 17 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 – free and paid options.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Versatile art generator
  • Useful features such as weather changer and color adjuster
  • Free
  • Only beta version available
  • Long waitlist

Adobe Firefly is an AI art generator tool that can help you automate your design tasks and streamline your design process. This AI design tool can come in handy to optimize your designs and make them more user-friendly. Its ability to quickly generate design alternatives and offer actionable insights significantly reduces the time spent on tedious manual adjustments, allowing users to focus on their creative vision. 

Furthermore, Adobe’s Firefly intuitive interface and user-friendly features cater to novice and expert designers, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for anyone looking to elevate their designs.

One of its key features is the Generative Fill tool which is already integrated into Photoshop Beta. This generative AI feature essentially uses AI image generation to expand and alter your artwork.

For the best results from Firefly, start by uploading your digital image to the platform. After that, use Firefly to analyze your picture and get suggestions for improvements. Completely, transform the vibe of any piece of art using Firefly’s built-in capabilities such as a weather changer, text designer, and color adjuster. It is the go-to app for all content creators.

  • Value for money
  • Free trial
  • Cannot export app source code
  • Limited to only text based apps
  • Does not have knowledge of events past 2021

Buildai.Space is an AI tool that can help you easily design stunning web applications. This tool can create an app that meets your needs and reflects your brand. With Buildai. Space, you can access an AI-powered design assistant to help you make the most of your application.

To get the best results from Buildai.Space, start by describing what you want the AI app to do for you. The AI will use these text prompts to generate an entire app.

Next, test and tune the app to fit your needs. Finally, you can now share it with the world. You should now have a web app that looks great and is easy to use.

  • Free trial option
  • Over 1 million design options
  • Multiple languages
  • Free for students
  • Limited customization with font and sizing

Kickresume is another kind of AI writing assistant. This AI tool can help you create a standout resume to impress potential employers. It can create a resume highlighting your skills and experience. Its natural language processing abilities can really make your resume stand out.

You can start by choosing a resume template that matches your needs. The next step is customizing the template to highlight your skills and experience. Once you’re done with that, use Kickresume’s AI-powered resume builder to optimize your resume and make it more attractive to potential employers. You’ll be able to craft the perfect personal summary and include the right keywords to help you land your dream job.

  • Good user privacy
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Integrations Marketplace includes a range of workplace apps
  • Only available in English

Timelyapp is an AI tool that can help you optimize your time management by tracking how you spend your time. This app can help you track your time on different tasks and projects. It can then analyze the data to identify areas where you can improve efficiency.

To make the best use of Timelyapp, start by tracking your time on different tasks and projects for a few days. Next, analyze the data to identify areas where you spend too much or not too much time. The final step is to use Timelyapp’s AI-powered time tracking to optimize time management. It ensures that you’re making the most of your time.

  • Free version
  • Web-based app
  • Excellent variety of media
  • High-quality videos
  • Lack of image or audio editing features

Lumen5 is a fabulous artificial intelligence video creator that requires no prior expertise in actual video editing! This video creation tool is driven by AI and allows anybody to effortlessly produce educational, marketing, or business video material using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

This AI tool is the perfect application for anyone who needs to create and edit videos regularly but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do so.

Engineers at Lumen5 have been able to create a text-to-video application. It is completely web-based and has a tiered pricing structure. Creating a video with Lumen5 is simple. First, select a template, the format you want your video in, and then upload your written content based on the topic of your video.

And that’s it. Luman5 will automatically craft your video, providing you with a solid foundation. You can export your creations in 720p or 1080p for those on the Premium or Business plans. Lumen5 is perfect for any video content creation. You can tailor your masterpiece for either Marketing or ‘Caption’ video styles.


Features and Considerations

When picking the best AI app for yourself there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, look at your budget. Luckily, most AI apps offer a free trial allowing you to test out the system before committing to a subscription plan. If this is the case, we most definitely recommend that you take advantage of this, as we cannot guarantee the quality of the output of each model.

Moreover, it would be a good idea to check out the reviews of the AI tool. With several AI tools currently on the market, all offering similar products, it is definitely worth checking reviews to be able to compare these products. For example, there are a bunch of AI art generators out there, but perhaps you are looking for a tool that can create hyper-realistic pictures. This is when checking out reviews can help you pick the right tool.

Finally, if this is possible, it is always good to practice to look into how the model works – even at a very high level. Understanding where the AI tool is getting its information from and how it is using it, will allow you to understand whether it is safe for your business. And, if it is something you are happy to share your information with.

Our Verdict

Our favorite was Adobe Firefly. Based on its great reviews, free option, and overall versatility, we think this AI tool is worth checking out. Especially, if you are a designer, student or just looking to create some AI art for fun.

Whether you’re looking for a writing assistant, social media manager, project management tool, or design software, an AI-powered tool can help. By incorporating these tools into your daily routine, you can streamline your workflow, reduce errors, and focus on what’s important – achieving your goals.

So, go ahead and give these tools a try. Who knows? You might find your new secret weapon to take your work to the next level.