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Best AI Content Generation Tools in 2023 – 5 top tools

Write better content, faster with these AI applications
Last Updated on June 9, 2023

Have you ever got confused about which AI content generation tool you should choose?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in content generation has become increasingly prominent. As organizations and individuals seek efficient ways to create captivating content at scale, AI has emerged as a powerful ally. However, not all AI content generation tools are created equal. With many options available, choosing the right tool for your specific needs can be challenging.

That’s why we have crafted this article that lists 5 of the best AI content generation tools we have handpicked while considering multiple factors.

Products at a Glance

How We Selected The Best AI Content Generation Tools

We have evaluated multiple AI content generation tools across a rigorous testing process. We employed a comprehensive methodology encompassing several key criteria to ensure that only the most deserving tools made it to our list.

Here are some of the factors we considered:

  • Research capabilities
  • Natural Process Languaging (NLP) capabilities
  • Accuracy and quality of the content
  • Ease of use
  • Integration and compatibility
  • Pricing

Now that you know about the criteria we had when selecting the top AI content generation tools to use in 2023, here are some of them.

Our Recommended

Best AI Content Generation Tools in 2023 – 5 top tools

  • Accurate and quality content
  • Free to use
  • Uses GPT-3.5 & GPT-4
  • Content quality depends on the prompts used
  • Cannot access real-time data

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a large language model. It uses GPT-3.5, one of the best training models for AI content writing tools. It is a free-to-use tool where you can create any content, including entire blog posts, marketing copy, social media post, etc. Additionally, it can also write programming code for you.

There’s a premium version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plus, for $20 a month. However, the free version is good enough to help you with almost any content you need.

Key Features

  • It can also translate content.
  • Although a language model, ChatGPT can act as a conversational AI.
  • ChatGPT can help you with general content. Just add a prompt about what you want to find, and you will have the information available within a few minutes.

  • Generates content very quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Offers flexibility while creating content
  • Most statistics entered are inaccurate
  • Creates repetitive content sometimes

When using AI for content generation, Jasper is one of the most popular AI writing assistants. With this AI content generator, you can craft almost all marketing content from a few keywords from blog posts to press releases, social media copies to bios.

If you want to try Jasper AI, you have three options to choose from. You can start with a free trial for 5 days and write up to 10,000 words. Or you can go for the Starter plan which costs $24 per month. Or you can upgrade to the Boss Mode which costs $49 per month. Jasper AI also has a Business plan with custom pricing for big teams and companies.

Additional Features

  • Seamless content creation
  • High-quality content
  • Document editor
  • Sentence rewriting
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammarly Integration

  • Over 90 content templates to choose from
  • Supports over 25+ languages
  • A freemium tool with a free-forever plan available
  • Creates incomplete content
  • It can be unreliable in terms of availability

Next on the list is CopyAI. It is a top AI copywriting tool that uses AI technology to create marketing copies in a few seconds. This tool is specifically famous for writing short-form content such as product descriptions and ad copy. However, you can also use it to create long-form content too.

Copy AI has 2 premium plans; the Pro plan at $49 per month and the Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

Additional Features

  • Around 90 content-writing templates
  • Sentence paraphraser
  • Grammar and tone checker
  • Free AI-generated content

  • Free-forever plan available
  • Simple user interface
  • Paraphraser
  • Grammer checker
  • The free plan has limited features
  • Content quality can be poor sometimes

Quillbot has its specialty in academic content. Whether you are a college or a university student, this AI content generation tool can help you write your academic paper. Additionally, you can also use it to create marketing content. However, you might have to look out for quality when dealing with marketing content. You can use this tool for researching, writing, and enhancing your copy.

Additional Features

  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Summarizing tool
  • Grammar check
  • Citation generator
  • AI-powered thesaurus

  • Allows optimizing content for SEO
  • Integrates easily with your content management system
  • Pricing can be costly
  • Integrations are limited

Another content writing assistant that uses AI for content generation is Writesonic. Generally, content writers are the ones who use this app. But regardless of what your profession is, if you want to create content, Writesonic can help you. You can write content in over 20 languages with Writesonic.

Additional Features

  • SEO optimization capabilities
  • Customizable rules
  • Social media integration
  • Grammar check

How to Select the Right AI Content Generation Tool for Your Needs

We have listed the top five AI content creation tools. However, you must still narrow it down to the one tool that can address all your content generation needs.

Here are some tips to help you find the right tool.

  • Identify your content generation requirements
  • Evaluate AI models and technologies
  • Test the tools using free-trial
  • Consider customization and control
  • Assess integration capabilities
  • Consider scalability and pricing

Our Verdict

Of the 5 listed, we have selected Jasper AI as our pick. Although pricy, Jasper offers a complete service. This AI writing assistant can help you create any type of content in minutes. It enables you to create more content in less time and streamlines the content marketing process so you can focus on what’s important. Jasper AI can be used for SEO content, articles, school papers, Youtube video scripts, and even Facebook ads.

We recommend activating Jasper’s free trial to test out this AI content writer before committing to a subscription plan.