QuillBot alternatives — Best AI rewrite tools compared

The best AI paraphrasing tools of Q4 2023.

QuillBot alternatives — AI writing and paraphrasing tools, the best options compared.

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Navigating the world of content creation often requires the use of paraphrasing tools to rewrite or repurpose existing material. While Quillbot is a popular choice, its free plan comes with a 150-word daily limit, which can be restrictive for writers, students, and researchers. If you find yourself needing more flexibility, you’re in luck. This article delves into the best free Quillbot alternatives that offer a range of features to meet your paraphrasing needs.

Which is the best free AI rewrite tool?

Whether you’re looking to improve SEO, seeking a user-friendly interface, or require advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, these alternatives have got you covered. From Grammarly’s grammar checker to rewriter tools that can effortlessly transform product descriptions, we’ve rounded up the best Quillbot alternatives that are not only free but also efficient and reliable.

So, if you’re tired of running into word count walls or simply want to explore what else is out there, read on to discover tools that can take your writing to the next level.

Essential AI Tools

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Rewriter.com: The high-quality content generator


Rewriter.com is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that excels in generating high-quality content. Unlike Quillbot’s 150-word daily limit, Rewriter.com’s Forever Free plan allows up to 1500 words per rewrite request, making it one of the best alternatives for heavy users.


  • Unlimited Paraphrasing: Create multiple rewrite variations in just a few clicks.
  • Long-Form Content: Ideal for research papers, articles, and essays.
  • Advanced Algorithms: Ensures high-quality rewritten output.
  • Export Options: Easily export your content to Google Docs or Outlook.


For those looking for more advanced capabilities, Rewriter.com offers premium versions with additional features.

Duplichecker: More than just a plagiarism tool


Duplichecker is a versatile tool that serves as both a plagiarism checker and an AI paraphrasing tool. It can rewrite up to 1500 words per request, making it another strong Quillbot alternative.


  • Plagiarism Checker: Seamlessly integrates with the paraphrasing tool.
  • Bulk Rewriting: Handles large chunks of content efficiently.
  • Export to Gmail: Easily send your rewritten content via Gmail.


Duplichecker is free to use, with no character restrictions.

Spin Rewriter: Optimize your articles for SEO


Spin Rewriter is perfect for those looking to repurpose existing articles or blog posts. The free version allows you to generate up to 10 unique rewritten article variations per month. Not to be confused with SpinBot, Spinner Chief, or self-proclaimed “Best Spinner”.


  • SEO: Ideal for creating SEO-friendly content.
  • Audio Conversion: Convert your text into audio format.
  • Social Media Sharing: Directly share your content on Facebook and Twitter.


Spin Rewriter offers a starter plan for users who need more spinning capacity.

Rewrite Tool: The no-signup paraphrasing solution


Rewrite Tool offers a straightforward, no-account-needed solution for quick paraphrasing tasks. Simply input your text or a webpage URL, and the AI will deliver a rewritten version.


  • Quick and Easy: Ideal for one-off paraphrasing needs.
  • No Account Required: No need to sign up.
  • Export to LinkedIn: Share your content directly on LinkedIn.


Rewrite Tool is free to use, with no hidden costs.

Paraphrase Generator: academic and research content specialist


Paraphrase Generator is a free tool that allows up to 500 words per request. It’s particularly useful for academic or research content.


  • Tone and Structure: Rewrites content in a human tone and structure.
  • Citation Generator: Includes a built-in citation generator.
  • Export Options: Easily export to Google Docs or Outlook.


Paraphrase Generator is free to use, with no premium version available.

Rephraser.net: The bulk paraphrasing tool


Rephraser.net allows up to 10,000 characters, translating to around 2,000 words. It’s another excellent alternative for those who need to paraphrase large volumes of text.


  • Bulk Paraphrasing: Ideal for large projects.
  • Web URL Input: Summarize and paraphrase articles instantly.
  • Export to Twitter: Share your content directly on Twitter.


Rephraser offers affordable Pro plans for more control and features.

Paraphrasing Tool AI: The comprehensive rewriter


Paraphrasing Tool AI offers a comprehensive solution for rewriting entire documents. With no word count restrictions, it’s a go-to tool for many.


  • Complete Restructuring: The AI restructures sentences while maintaining meaning.
  • Export to Facebook: Share your rewritten content directly on Facebook.
  • Polish Your Content: The tool helps you polish your content for a professional touch.


Paraphrasing Tool AI is free to use, with no premium version available.

Prepostseo: The budget-friendly option


Prepostseo offers a free paraphrasing tool with a 1000-word limit per request. For plagiarism checking and longer content, premium plans start at just $7/month.


  • Multiple Variations: Generate multiple rewritten variations.
  • Quality and Tone Settings: Customize the quality level and tone.
  • Export to Outlook: Easily send your content via Outlook.


The free tool provides ample paraphrasing power, but premium plans offer even more features.

These 8 free Quillbot alternatives offer a range of features to suit different needs, from high-quality content generation to bulk paraphrasing. Whether you’re looking to polish your LinkedIn posts or generate synonyms for your blog post, these tools have got you covered.


Exploring free Quillbot alternatives can open up a world of possibilities for your writing projects. Whether you’re crafting sales pages, polishing headlines, or even generating citations, these tools offer a wealth of features without the word count restrictions. From robust grammar check capabilities to advanced article rewriter tools, you’re sure to find an option that aligns with your specific needs.

Before committing to a yearly plan or even a lifetime subscription, it’s worth taking the time to test out each of these paraphrasing tools. This will help you identify which tool excels in areas that are most important to you, be it uploads, lsi keywords, or any other specific feature.

So go ahead, give these alternatives a try and elevate your writing to new heights.

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