What is QuillBot?

It's a fun and useful boost to your writing

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With the release of OpenAI’s chatbot Chat GPT, AI language tools are in the spotlight, including QuillBot – an AI powered rephrasing app.

If you’ve come across many AI tools on the internet, you might be wondering: What is QuillBot? Well, it’s an internet application that basically rewrites written content.

It paraphrases whichever text you enter into it, in different ways according to whether you want a more formal or creative tone. The app also has other features and greater capabilities when you purchase the premium version. This will cost you $20 per month.

This means you can boost your own writing, or alter text written by others. However, it’s worth noting that some AI tools which pick up plagiarism might detect if you have used QuillBot on somebody else’s original work. So it’s not just something you can use to pass off the work of others as your own, especially in a marked academic context.

QuillBot features

QuillBot is not only a paraphrasing tool. It can also assist with numerous writing tasks. For free, you can use Quillbot’s Grammer Checker, Citation Generator, Summarizer, and all-in-one tool Co-writer.

If you upgrade to the premium version, you will also gain access to Quillbot’s Plagiarism Checker as well as faster processing speeds and more advanced grammar rewrites.

How can you use QuillBot?

Join the over fifty million users and get started on QuillBot today. The app is designed to help essayists and content publishers. Using its features, you can repurpose a prewritten article so it is suitable for another website, changing the language to make it more or less simple. You could also use it to boost or decrease the words in a piece of writing. It is designed primarily to be used with your own writing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it with text written by others.

Some examples of uses for QuillBot:

  • Embellishing an essay to make it sound more formal, for academic purposes.
  • Repurposing text found online.
  • Making an article you have written more simplistic, in order to publish it on social media.

Final Thoughts

Along with other publicly available AI language models like Chat GPT, QuillBot is a useful resource for improving your writing. However, it shouldn’t really be used for plagiarising the work of others, as this could be detected by some programs.

You can access QuillBot online at their website, or install the Chrome plug-in here.