Is QuillBot free?

The pricing and features of this AI-powered writing tool

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QuillBot is more than just your typical writing companion. It’s a pretty clever AI-powered paraphrasing tool, that is designed to enhance your writing. If you are thinking of using this language bot, you may be wondering: Is QuillBot free?

You’ll be happy to hear that QuillBot is currently free to use. On the website, you’ll be able to access the Paraphraser, Grammar Checker, all-in-one Co-writer, Summarizer and so much more for free.

QuillBot does offer a paid subscription service, at $20 a month. This service opens up new features for you to use. Keep reading to find out what is involved in QuillBot Premium.

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For those who aren’t familiar, QuillBot is an advanced AI-powered language generation tool, that can assist you with rephrasing and summarizing texts that you input into the system.

The bot is designed to help you write faster and more effectively. For example, QuillBot can cite sources for you, rephrase your work in a different tone, and check your grammar. You can currently access the tool directly through the website or by installing the Chrome plug-in.

It is worth keeping in mind that although QuillBot is great at rephrasing text, you need to beware of potential plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers may be able to detect the use of QuillBot and that you’ve rephrased someone else’s work. So, this is something worth considering when using the tool.

QuillBot Premium

Let’s have a look at QuillBot’s subscription service. For $19.95 a month, you will be able to access QuillBot’s Premium features. But, what do they include? The upgrade grants you access to the app’s Plagiarism Checker as well as improved versions of the already free tools.

According to the QuillBot website, expect these additional features on the premium subscription:

  • Faster processing speed
  • Advanced grammar rewrites
  • Compare Modes
  • Plagiarism Checker (max. 20 pages a month)
  • Tone detection

Is QuillBot free for students?

QuillBot doesn’t have a specific student deal for the service. However, you can access some of QuillBot’s features for free from its website.

Does QuillBot cost money?

QuillBot does have a free option. Although if you would like to upgrade to access Premium features, this does come at a cost. QuillBot premium costs $19.95 a month, or $99.95 annually (saving you $139).

Is QuillBot free forever?

Let’s be honest, forever is a long time. We hope that QuillBot maintains the free version of its service in the future, but we can’t be certain.

Final Thoughts

QuillBot is an extremely useful tool for those looking to improve their writing. Whether you are a student or working on a creative project, it is definitely worth trying out. To can access QuillBot head to either their website or install their Chrome plug-in.