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What is generative AI in Google Workspace?

All the facts about Google's AI-powered applications
Last Updated on March 27, 2023
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We have an exciting update in the world of artificial intelligence – Google is introducing generative AI in Google Workspace!

The competition to release the most advanced AI tools into the market is currently at an all-time high. Generative AI is experiencing a surge in popularity, with applications such as ChatGPT and Microsoft 365 Copilot leading the way.

On March 14, Google entered the game with their own AI-powered assistant set to be introduced in its current suite of Workspace applications.

So, what is generative AI in Google Workspace? According to developers, the new generative AI will act as a digital assistant helping users “create, connect, and collaborate like never before”.

To start things off, Google will be releasing AI-powered writing features for Google Docs and Gmail only.

With the new update, expect the AI assistant to complete the following tasks:

  • Write, reword, proofread and generate ideas in Google Docs.
  • Reply, draft, summarize email chains and prioritize your inbox in Gmail.

From first impressions, it seems as though this AI assistant will act similarly to a chatbot. In a demo video in Google’s blog post, you can see a tester simply type in a request, followed by the AI creating an instantaneous response – essentially enabling you to automate loads of tasks in Google’s applications.

At the moment, the new Google Workspace is only available to a select group of testers in the United States.

Once the program has been refined, Google will start introducing the applications more broadly for a range of businesses, enterprises and educational institutions.

Does Google Workspace use AI?

In short, yes! In recent news, Google will be implementing generative AI into their Workspace applications.

Once introduced to the wider public, it will essentially enable you to automate a bunch of tasks, from drafting emails in Gmail to generating insights in Google Sheets.

Final Thoughts

Google will be launching its next suite of AI-powered applications to a small group of testers this month. If you are a frequent user of Workspace, this new update from Google is definitely something to get excited about.

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