Is Google Bard safe?

Google are working hard on their new chatbot

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The world is abuzz about the launch of Google Bard, the search engine’s new AI powered chatbot. But is it safe?

Google Bard is a conversational language model chatbot under development by Google, due to be launched in a few weeks. It works in a similar way to Chat GPT and the Bing chatbot. So it will answer questions and follow commands inputted by users, mimicking human speech in order to do so.

There are some concerns over the safety of chatbots, with good reason. Artificial Intelligence technology is pretty new frontier in many respects. But given the importance of upholding Google’s massive reputation, you’d expect the tech company to be putting safety at the forefront of their chatbot’s development.

Google have made this pretty clear. They are holding back on releasing the chatbot to the general public at the moment. One of the reasons for doing this, they have said, is because they want to keep testing it until it reaches a ‘high bar of safety‘. So good news – there should be plenty of measures in place to limit the chances of hackers and other cyber-dangers.

Is Google Bard safe to use?

So, Google are still working on their chatbot in order to make sure it’s fully safe before they release it to the general public. It is currently only available to a small number of trusted testers. This means we can’t say for sure whether Google Bard is safe or not just yet.

But it’s looking like Google are taking special care to ensure the chatbot’s security. So we’re optimistic that Google Bard will be safe to use. But again, we can’t say for sure until we see it in action when it is released.

Final Thoughts

We’re expecting Google Bard to be safe, given the reputation Google has to uphold and growing public concerns about AI. Plus, it seems like Google are putting a lot of time and effort into the safety measures for the chatbot.

However, as AI is a developing technology, some problems may pop up in the initial stages of public use. So it might be good to watch and wait as Google Bard first becomes available to the masses.