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Google Bard release date: confirmed

All you need to know for the new arrival
Last Updated on March 21, 2023
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Google’s latest conversational chatbot, Bard, will be the next to enter the hot AI market. Bard is set to take on OpenAI’s infamous ChatGPT but with a clear advantage: Bard will be able to access information from the internet. If you are hoping to try this new AI tool you may be wondering, what is the Google Bard release date?

Google Bard’s release date

The public Google Bard release date was March 21st. However, at the time of writing only select Google account holders have been invited. Users can join a waitlist on the tool’s main site, but only with personal accounts – not workspace ones.

Previously, following the initial launch on February 6th, Google announced the chatbot would be released to the public in the coming weeks. It wasn’t completely clear what Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, meant by “coming weeks”. But now it’s here, we’d expect access to gradually roll out.

Initial launch issues

Shortly after the initial February 6th launch, Google Bard experienced a major setback, raising questions about the accuracy of the tool. In a demo video shared on Google’s Twitter account, Bard incorrectly answered a question about the James Webb Space Telescope.

Unsurprisingly, the tech giant faced a pretty harsh backlash leading to a one hundred billion dollar drop in Alphabet’s market value.

It is unknown what impact this mistake will have on Bard’s release date. Considering, Google has not updated its statement about the upcoming release, we can assume it will still be next month. So, that’s all we know about Google Bard’s release date. Let’s have a look at the expected cost.

Google Bard expected cost

We anticipate Bard to be an addition to Google’s search engine. Therefore, when you submit a search, you will see two results: Google’s standard search results and a response from Bard.

At the moment, it is not currently known if Google will charge for the use of Bard. The tech giant does have a long history of offering a bunch of free services such as Gmail, Google Drive, and of course Google Search.

So, it would be wise to expect at least a free version for the public to use and potentially a tiered payment plan similar to Chat GPT.

Final Thoughts

Google’s entry into the AI market with Bard, is anticipated to be a direct threat to OpenAI’s renowned Chat GPT. While many eagerly anticipate its release we can only predict the expected release date.

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