What is WhatsApp Business?

This a guide to what WhatsApp Business is and a breakdown of its features.

What is WhatsApp Business?

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Whatsapp Business is a messaging app from WhatsApp specifically designed for small businesses. It allows business owners new and direct ways to interact with and provide customer service to customers. Any owner can download the app for free and get full access to its features. However, it will need to be on a separate phone from one that is associated with another WhatsApp account or you can delete a WhatsApp account already on the phone. There are two versions of WhatsApp Business; WhatsApp Business made for small business owners and the API version, designed for larger businesses and needs approval from a WhatsApp partner.

This article will go over all the features and assess whether the Whatsapp business is worth it.

WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business:

Those with WhatsApp Business are able to:

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  • Set up a business account: Business accounts are different from normal accounts as they can show the website, contact details, opening times, and other information about your business.
  • Enable automatic responses to customers: Even when away from your phone custom messages can automatically be sent to customers.
  • Send message broadcasts: Owners can send out broadcast messages to contacts who have their numbers saved. This can be sent to up to 256 contacts at a time.
  • Categorize Customers: Users are able to add labels to customers and organize chats with them into categories such as orders or complaints.
  • Create Catalogues: Products are able to be shown to customers through WhatsApp.
  • Send quick replies: Prewrwitten replies can quickly be sent to customers.


WhatsApp Business API has all of the features of WhatsApp Business but it allows multiple people to use the account at once. This is handy for handling business with a large number of global customers.

It differs from the small business version of the app as contacts are required to message the business first in order for messages to be sent. Additionally, the reply must be within 24 hours or a messaging fee will occur.

WhatsApp Business API also allows for the use of partner software such as the use of custom notifications for customers and more customer management abilities.

Is WhatsApp Business Worth It?

WhatsApp is the worlds leading messaging service with over 2 billion users so there is a large chance that customers are already on the app. Most people interested in WhatsApp Business are small business owners. For them, the app will be free whilst offering great features and allowing for another way of modern direct communication with their customers.

For those interested in the API version it can be hugely beneficial as it allows free global communication with customers and a more personal customer service experience to help boost sales and reviews. Although there is a cost associated with the service such as set up, support, and messaging. It is hard to give a complete guide as the costs vary with the WhatsApp Business Partner used and the region the business is in, however, the first 1000 each month are free.

API Messaging Pricing Breakdown

Market Business-Initiated Rate ($) User-Initiated Rate ($) 
Argentina 0.0526 0.0316 
Market 0.05 0.03 
Argentina 0.0757 0.0454 
Market 0.01 0.006 
Argentina 0.1073 0.0644 
France 0.1432 0.0859 
Germany 0.1365 0.0819 
India 0.0066 0.004 
Indonesia 0.0316 0.019 
Israel 0.03 0.018 
Italy 0.0643 0.0386 
Malaysia 0.0732 0.022 
Mexico 0.0349 0.0105 
Netherlands 0.1485 0.0891 
Nigeria 0.0516 0.031 
Pakistan 0.0473 0.0142 
Peru 0.0598 0.0179 
Russia 0.0663 0.0398 
Saudi Arabia 0.0325 0.0195 
South Africa 0.028 0.0168 
Spain 0.0615 0.0369 
Turkey 0.01 0.003 
United Arab Emirates 0.0316 0.019 
United Kingdom 0.0647 0.0388 
North America 0.0147 0.0088 
Rest of Africa 0.1208 0.0363 
Rest of Asia Pacific 0.0745 0.0224 
Rest of Central & Eastern Europe 0.0835 0.025 
Rest of Latin America 0.0706 0.0423 
Rest of Middle East 0.0727 0.0218 
Rest of Western Europe 0.1324 0.0397 
Other 0.0483 0.0145