How to use ChatGPT to write a CV

Can AI help me get a job? Can the employer tell I used ChatGPT? First and foremost, here's how to use ChatGPT to write a CV.

How to use ChatGPT to write a CV

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Writing your CV can be a daunting task, unless of course you know how to use ChatGPT to write a CV. This is your first impression to your prospective employer and, to make matters worse, you might not even see it! Not only does it need to fit their criteria, it also needs to get past ATS (Applicant Tracking Software). If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry; This is a problem that artificial intelligence can solve for you.

What to include in a CV

First and foremost, your CV needs to match the job description you’re applying for. In any job search, there will be key words in your qualifications, accomplishments, and achievements that potential employers are looking for. More accurately, they will have automated software check for those keywords before they even both reading it themselves.

Job seekers should use bullet points on their job applications to highlight exactly what each role entails, unless entirely obvious without. A good resume showcases exactly what work experience, capabilities, and expertise the job seeker can bring to their new job with specificity and in an itemised way. Generic resumes will bore the recruiter before they’ve reached the end of the page.

It’s useful to include both a hard skills and soft skills section. AI can also double check for typos and good grammar. If you’re not letting another human proof-read your document, at least let an AI chatbot double-check it for grammatical errors.

How to use ChatGPT to write a CV

Writing a CV with ChatGPT prompts (or other large language model) can not only speed up the process, but format it more neatly than many I’ve seen! Resume writing can be sped up by downloading a resume template from the internet, or even hiring a professional resume writer – but the latter is expensive at a time when you may not have the income to pay for it anyway. Using an AI tool that produces high accuracy natural language may just land you your dream job faster and cheaper than anything else. Make sure to check “What is ChatGPT – and what is it used for?” as well as “How to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter” for further advice on this topic.



Create an OpenAI Account

Go to in any web browser and sign up for an OpenAI account.

Sign up ChatGPT



Prime your prompt

Priming your prompt means letting the chat bot know that you’re about to dump some unformatted data on it, and you want a specific format of response back. In this case, begin your prompt (in the text box of the ChatGPT website) with “Write me a CV that includes the following job experience:”

ChatGPT Write a CV



Provide your career history

After that, and within the same prompt, add every relevant job you’ve held in your life. Note that I didn’t say every job, because for many of us, our fist part-time customer service job at 17 has nothing to do with our current career. It does show work ethic, of course, but there will be a point at which you start leaving out your first jobs, and it’s up to you to decide when.



Proof reading

If all went well, at the push of a button ChatGPT will output a neatly formatted document that you can copy & paste into MS Word or a PDF. However, you should always double check that it has properly assigned the correct dates to the appropriate job titles. It may take some adjusting of the prompt, and you may end up altering fonts and sizing afterwards anyway. The important thing is, ChatGPT can take some of the ground work out of this process.


Can I use ChatGPT to write my CV?

Yes, you can use Chat GPT to write your CV. Your job titles and the dates thereof are already decided; all that’s left is neatly formatting it for ATS software, and perhaps writing a personal statement, which GPT-4 is capable of.

How do you write a resume in ChatGPT?

This question is practically identical to the one answered in the main article. There are some differences between the two, which some people observe, and those differences are only significant in some countries and professions. All you need to know is that if ChatGPT can write a CV, it can also write a resume.

Can you use AI to write a resume?

See above.