How To Enable Dark Mode in Snapchat

Take a break from the light with this step-by-step

How To Make Snapchat Dark Mode

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We now spend more time on our phones than ever, and screens can give off a harsh light that causes strain on the eyes – especially at night. Because of this, smartphones offer a dark mode in order to minimize strain on your eyes. Some apps have their own dark modes too, so if you’re looking for Dark Mode in Snapchat read on.

How To Enable Dark Mode On Snapchat (iOS)

How To Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat (iOS)

Snapchat has been pretty late to enable this setting, but now that it has we’re going to show you how to set it up on your iPhone. If you’re an Android user, skip past these steps to lower down in the article for our recommendations for accessing Dark Mode.


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Go To Bitmoji

Begin by going to the Bitmoji that’s located in the top left corner of your Snapchat screen.




Tapping the above will take you to your profile page. From here, select the settings icon, which is the furthest icon at the top left-hand corner.



My Account

You’ll now see a drop-down menu from ‘My Account’. Tap on ‘App Appearance’ and you’ll see a few options.



Always Dark

From the options, select ‘Always Dark’, and this will convert your screen from light to dark mode when using this app.

Can Android Users Enable Dark Mode In Snapchat?

Unfortunately, there is no dark mode setting for Snapchat on Android phones. However, if the bright screen is bothering you, you can turn on Android’s own dark mode.

You may find this by swiping down from the top of your home screen and selecting it in the notification panel. Alternatively, head to your Settings app (your ‘gear icon’), and choose ‘Display’. You’ll find the system-wide Dark Mode and other available display settings here.

The other option is to force Dark Mode in Snapchat on Android with a little workaround.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, enabling dark mode can be easier on your eyes when it comes to screens, as the light font on a dark screen has less contrast. It may extend battery life, and some users prefer the sleek look this screen setting provides.

Whether in-app or across your whole device, give Dark Mode a go and see if it’s for you.

What Is Dark Mode And What Does It Do?

Dark mode is a display setting that smartphones and other devices such as laptops offer. Regular default screens offer dark text against a light background, also referred to as ‘light mode’. When ‘dark mode’ is switched on, this is reversed, so you will see light text in front of a dark background.

Dark mode is designed to reduce, predominantly blue, light emanating from a screen, and the color contrast is easier on the eyes. Dark mode can save battery life too, given devices have to provide less energy to light up areas of the screen which would usually be white.

Aside from these benefits, many who use dar modes enjoy the sleek look that the modes can give off. In fact, apps such as Spotify have a natural ‘dark mode’ constantly displayed so there is a clear aesthetic choice too.