What is Lesson Lab AI?

Lesson Lab AI could be the educators new best friend, but how does it work?

Lesson Lab AI

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AI can be used as a force for good or bad, for misinformation or education. Educators are increasingly adopting the use of artificial intelligence. At first, this was purely in retaliation against students using ChatGPT to write assignments for them. Now, though, true adoption is unfolding via Lesson Lab AI.

What is Lesson Lab AI?

The AI-powered education platform is a resource for educators to help generate high-quality lesson plans, while adapting content for different grade levels, capabilities and learning obstacles. The implementation of natural language processing into real-world curriculums and teacher training means educators can spend more time on the human element of administering that learning, and less on the writing and formatting (which a computer can handle). Try “What is ChatGPT – and what is it used for?” or “How to use ChatGPT on mobile” for further reading on ChatGPT.

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The parallel of the students and the generative AI itself each improving over time through reinforcement learning is nothing short of poetic.

How will AI affect education?

Machine learning models will naturally improve over time at identifying how best to adapt to the needs of the diverse spectrum of learners needs. This innovation of the learning experience will see AI chatbots in the same vein as ChatGPT helping to guide students both inside and outside of the classroom. With real-time feedback to tests and homework assignments, AI lab hopes to provide a better learning experience based on individual students’ needs, teaching them at their own pace. All this easily accessible from phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

Non-profit education platform Khan Academy have already taken this approach, introducing Khanmigo, “Khan Academy’s AI-powered guide. Tutor for learners. Assistant for teachers.”

Where can you try Lesson Lab AI?

A quick search will show 3 competing services all referring to themselves as Lesson Lab AI. Which we take to be the genuine article is confusing, as the only one with a functional footer containing an about page, and privacy policy is for education about AI itself, as opposed to an AI solution for middle school or high school education.

This one in particular, ailessonlab.com, presents itself as a “one Stop ChatGPT Shop” with “all of the prompts, best practices, workflows, latest info and usage cases in ONE place.” A well-designed website, but ultimately a sole-trader’s digital products storefront, this is not the platform most are searching for.

Of the two which fit the bill, lessonlab.ai certainly has the more polished website. One of their many educator testimonials, Ms. Aslam reports that she saves “over 5 hours each week” previously spent on automatable tasks, and can now focus more on her students “instead of lesson prep. Lesson lab has been a life saver for me” she praises.