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MidJourney Subscriptions Explained

Time to cough up
Last Updated on August 11, 2023
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Right, confusion over: here’s our guide to Midjourney Subscriptions, explained.

We all know how powerful MidJourney is as an AI tool for generating images. However, as helpful as it seems, is it all free to use, or do users need subscriptions to use it fully? Let’s find out. Read on to find out more about MidJourney’s subscription packages.

MidJourney Subscriptions Explained

It may be sad for most users to know that MidJourney isn’t free to use despite being an AI tool, which are mostly open-source. Users receive 25 free trials as an initial joining bonus, similar to many other paid digital tools or software. However, this may not be enough, especially for frequent users who need to create many images using MidJourney.

Sooner or later, once the free 25 trials are used up, users would ultimately need to acquire the MidJourney subscription plan to continue their image-generating journey. Luckily, MidJourney currently offers three different types of subscription plans. You can choose any of them on either a monthly or yearly basis.

How much do MidJourney subscriptions cost?

First, the “Basic” plan is available for $10 a month. If you subscribe to it yearly, you will pay $96. This will save you $2 a month, a total of $24 a year.

 Next, we have the “Standard” plan, which is $30 monthly. The yearly payments plan costs $288 at $24 per month. 

Lastly, they are offering their “Pro or Professional” plan. It costs $60 every month. Again, its discounted yearly payments plan costs $576 at $48 a month. You can choose any of these plans that suit you the best.


It may be distressful for some users to know that the MidJourney isn’t free to use despite being an AI model. Also, the free 25 trials are too helpful to create much content. However, by choosing the right plan for their needs, they can get the best deal, especially if they subscribe to it yearly to get some extra discount.

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