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Otter AI pricing – plans explained

All you need to know about the pricing of Otter AI.
Last Updated on September 5, 2023
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If you are looking into using Otter AI as a voice-to-transcription tool but need to know how much it costs, we have everything about Otter AI pricing explained right here.

Otter AI is an artificial intelligence software programmed to transcribe video and audio files and live meetings in real time – as the words are spoken. It was created to streamline the note taking process and put individuals and businesses in charge when it comes to time management.

Here we have broken down how much the different versions of Otter AI costs, and what each one offers you.

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Otter AI pricing – is it free?

Otter does offer a basic plan for individuals “just getting started” using the software, or that need just the base level features the program offers. The basic plan is completely free for users to download and use.

The features that Otter AI Basic offer you include:

  • 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation.
  • An AI meeting assistant that records and transcribes in real time as well as generating meeting summaries.
  • Import and transcribe a total of 3 audio or video files.

However, like most tiered subscription services, more features of Otter AI are available if you are willing to spend a little money.

How much does it cost?

Otter AI offers three tiers of subscription that build upon the basic plan; Pro, Business, and Enterprise. These can be billed monthly or yearly depending on the preference of the buyer.


The Pro version of Otter AI is designed for individuals and small teams of up to 5 people that need more transcription minutes. Priced at just $8.33 when billed for the year Otter AI Pro offers you a lot for the price.

As well as offering you everything from the basic plan, the features of Otter AI Pro include:

  • 1200 monthly transcription minutes; 10 minutes per conversation.
  • Opportunities for teams, including tagging different speakers and assigning actions to teammates.
  • You can transcribe 10 audio or video files per month.


Marketed at “teams and organizations that need to share and collaborate”, Otter AI business offers more complex features and is focused on really helping a company thrive.

This subscription costs $20 a month when billed for the year, saving you 33% on the monthly subscription prices.

In addition to the properties from the Basic and Pro plans, Otter AI Business offers you:

  • 6000 monthly transcription minutes; 4 hours per conversation.
  • Offers you admin features such as prioritized support and usage analytics
  • Unlimited transcription of audio or video files.

It can also join up to 3 virtual meetings at once to automatically write and share notes. It’s quite the package!


Finally, Otter AI does have subscription plans available for large organizations and businesses that would benefit from the extra security and support that can be found in Otter AI Enterprise.

It offers the organization-wide deployment of Otter AI by giving you over 5 licenses for Otter Business, as well as domain capture and extra security and compliance controls.

However, you will have to contact their sales team to get a quote. If you’re interested in finding out how much Otter AI Enterprise would cost your business, you can contact them here!

Pricing with student discount

If you are a student looking to use Otter AI for educational purposes, you will benefit from knowing that Otter offer a 20% discount on Otter Pro Monthly and Otter Pro Annual plans for individual students and teachers that are using an email address ending with .edu.

The discounted prices are as follows:

Otter Pro Annual: $6.67 USD per month (billed $79.99 annually)
Otter Pro Monthly: $13.59 USD per month

Is Otter AI completely free?

Yes, you can get a basic version of Otter AI for completely free. However, this will only get you a limited amount of features. Otter does offer a tiered subscription plan with two other options, Pro and Business, that will allow you to get a lot more out of the service.

Final Thoughts – is it worth it?

So there’s the rundown of the pricing of Otter AI.

You get a whole load of features for free, with the option of having more features available to you if you get a Pro, Business, or even Enterprise subscription. However, considering the time and resources saved, this could potentially be beneficial to both business and individuals looking to explore voice-to-transcription tools.

If you like the thought of how voice transcription AI could make your life easier, you could look at the best AI tools in 2023 to find out what your next artificial intelligence tool could do for you.

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