What is DialoGPT?

Everything you need to know about Microsoft's chatbot and how to access it

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So, what is DialoGPT? Interestingly, DialoGPT was a project launched by Microsoft back in 2019. The project aimed to develop open-domain chatbots that could produce natural responses, covering a range of different conversational topics.

Although chatbots of this nature are widely available now, such as ChatGPT, Microsoft’s DialoGPT was carving the path for the development of AI bots that could act unnervingly human-like.

DialoGPT features

DialoGPT is an autoregressive (AR) language model. But, what does this mean? Well, it is a feed-forward model that can predict the next future word from a sequence of words it is given.

According to Microsoft, DialoGPT draws on “147M multi-turn dialogues extracted from Reddit discussion threads” – their attempt to leverage “publicly-available colloquial text data”.

This conversational text closely matches our typical day-to-day dialogue: It’s far less formal and of course, more interactive. A major issue with training the model on this data, however, is that it contains biased and offensive content.

Despite, attempting to tackle this problem, the tech giant found that DialoGPT produced responses that could easily “trigger offense” – typically drawing on gender and other historical biases.

DialoGPT chatbot

So, where is the chatbot now? Despite being launched back in 2019, there has been a new wave of interest in DialoGPT.

Social publishing platform, Medium, released the code required to access DialoGPT. By copying the code off their website into a tool such as Colab Notebook, you can start chatting with the bot.

If you are looking to talk to DialoGPT outside the Notebook environment, you can also connect it to Telegram. Simply set up a Telegram account, then utilizing their BotFather interface, create a new chatbot instance using a Telegram token.

Returning back to your Colab Notebook, you will now need to include your telegram token and Giphy token (if you want DialoGPT to use gifs) in the code. Rerun the code, and you should now be able to access DialoGPT in Telegram.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft’s DialoGPT is another conversational chatbot that is available for you to use. As the tech giant mentions, the bot is unique to other language models due to it being trained on Reddit conversations. Unsuprisingly, this model may act trollish so you may or may not be able to find a use for it!