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Is GPT-3 available to the public?

The AI model is free on the OpenAI Playground
Last Updated on April 20, 2023
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You have probably already heard of GPT-3. But, if you haven’t you’re definitely in for a treat. GPT-3 has been making headlines for its insane capabilities. Last year, the model even managed to pass the law bar exam. But, is GPT-3 available to the public?

In short, yes. GPT-3 is free and available for the public to use. You can access the model through the OpenAI Playground. And on this platform, you will have the choice to experiment with 12 variants of the model, all built for different purposes.

For those who aren’t familiar, GPT-3 is the third-generation language model developed by OpenAI in 2020. The model was built using 175 billion parameters making it one of the most powerful and largest models that OpenAI offers. It has the ability to understand and generate text in a surprisingly human-like way.

GPT-3 is actually the backbone for many AI tools that are already out there, including OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot, Chat GPT.

Lately, the AI model has gained attention for its implementation into Microsoft Teams. Thanks to GPT-3, Microsoft will be able to offer its paid subscribers smart features such as, “automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights”.

Have you heard enough? Let’s see how you can access GPT-3 below.

How do I get OpenAI GPT-3?

To get you started, we have outlined some quick easy steps. Bear in mind, that OpenAI’s models are not available in every country, unfortunately.

  1. Head to the OpenAI Playground
  2. Sign up or log in to your OpenAI account.
  3. Now that you’re in, you should now be presented with the Playground opening page. Here, you can select which GPT-3 variant you would like to use. To switch between the models, simply head to “Model” on the right-hand side and browse the drop-down list.
  4. Once you have picked your model, you can interact with the tool by simply typing into the main text box and clicking “Submit” below.
  5. If you are looking for inspiration on how to use GPT-3, check out OpenAI’s example page here.

Does GPT-3 only work in English?

GPT-3 can understand more languages than just English. OpenAI’s large language model was trained on a diverse set of texts, so it is able to understand and generate responses in many different languages. These include French, Spanish, and Russian to name a few. Although, it is important to note that the model was originally designed to run in English.

Does GPT-3 have internet access?

In its current form, no. However, OpenAI is launching new ChatGPT plugins which will now mean that the AI bot can draw information from the internet.

Final Thoughts

We are happy to say that GPT-3 is currently free to use on OpenAI’s Playground. This AI model has so many phenomenal uses and it is great that OpenAI allows its users to test out their technology. If you found this article useful, why not read Is Chat GPT free next?

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