Will the PS5 Slim have a disc drive? Yes, sort of.

Will the PS5 Slim be getting a disc drive?

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Sony gave us both disc and digital models of the original PlayStation 5, so will the PS5 Slim have a disc drive? The PlayStation 5 captivated the world with its impressive graphical capabilities and cutting-edge hardware. With the announcement of the PS5 Slim, many gamers have had questions about the capabilities of this sleeker version, including if it will include a disc drive.

The refreshes to the physical design of the PS5 Slim see it become 30% smaller, but that’s not the only notable change: the console now has a detachable disc drive. Sony is still launching both disc and digital versions of the PS5 Slim, but you can now remove the disc drive, and have the option of buying one from PlayStation Direct that you can attach to your digital console. So, in this article, we’ll dive deeper into this topic and explore the functionality of the detachable disc drive in the PS5 Slim.

Will the PS5 Slim come with a disc drive?

Similarly to the PS5, two alternative versions of the PS5 Slim are being launched. The original Slim model will come with a disc drive, whereas the digital version doesn’t. As opposed to buying physical discs, PS5 digital users can only download games onto their console. However, gamers who have bought this digital PS5 Slim will now have the option of buying a detachable disc drive from PlayStation Direct at a later date. Similarly, the disc drive on the original PlayStation 5 Slim is removable.

How does the disc drive function?

In the Youtuber Mystic’s unboxing video, it’s explained that the PS5 Slim’s disc drive functions similarly to a peripheral like the PS5 DualSense Controller. When initially setting up the console, the disc drive will need to connect with the console through an internet connection. However, once the drive is registered, it can function offline without any issues – this is great news for players who may not always have access to a stable internet connection.

The detachable disc drive: easy swapping for convenience

One of the concerns surrounding the PS5 Slim‘s detachable disc drive is whether it can be easily swapped out. Thankfully, YouTuber Mystic has shed some light on this matter in their recent unboxing video, as well as other gamers sharing their hands-on experience with the internet. According to Mystic, replacing a broken disc drive will be a breeze, providing relief to those who may encounter issues with their drive in the future. By making the disc drive easily replaceable and fixable, they’ve taken a step in future-proofing the PS5 console.

The initial pairing process

While the ability to swap out disc drives is convenient, it does require an initial pairing process. When a new disc drive is connected to the PS5 Slim, it will need to be registered through an online handshake with the console. This process ensures that the drive is recognized and can be used with the console. Once the pairing is complete, the drive can be used offline without the need for a PSN login. However, it is worth noting that for other PS5 peripherals, mainly the PlayStation Portal, a constant stable internet connection is required.

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Internet connection requirements

It’s important to note that an internet connection is required for the initial pairing process and for updating the disc drive. However, after the drive has been registered, it can be used offline without the need for a constant internet connection. This is great news for players who may not have access to a stable internet connection or prefer to play offline.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, not only will the PS5 Slim get the disc drive and digital editions that the original console did, but the disc drive will be a detachable component that players can use as and when they wish. However, it is worth keeping in mind that if you buy the disc drive edition of the PS5 Slim but decide to remove the drive from your console, Sony does not currently provide any replacement face plates. So if you take it off, you’ll still have the larger faceplate for now. We’ve discussed the best faceplates for the PS5, but there aren’t too many options for PS5 Slim faceplates from either official or third-party retailers yet, given that it’s such a new device.