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Best faceplates for PS5 – our favorite designs

Here's our line-up of PS5 customization faceplates
Last Updated on April 15, 2024
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The iconic white and black color scheme of Sony’s flagship console might not be your thing, so we’re checking out the best faceplates for the PS5. The addition of customized faceplates can transform the look of your gaming setup, offering a personalized touch to Sony’s latest PlayStation. However, faceplates don’t just have to be decorative pieces; quality faceplates also offer a layer of protection to your device, combining aesthetics with functionality. This article is dedicated to helping you navigate the diverse range of PS5 faceplates available. From sleek designs to vibrant colors, faceplates provide an opportunity to reflect your style and make your PS5 truly yours.

What are the best faceplates for the PS5?

1. Foamy Lizard PS5 Vented StealthPlate

Elegance and precision in one: the Foamy Lizard PS5 Vented StealthPlate is a top pick for gamers who value both style and functionality. Its all-black ABS plastic construction exudes elegance, complemented by tasteful etchings that enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. However, this cover plate isn’t just about looks – it’s precision-cut to seamlessly fit the contours of your PS5, ensuring a sleek and integrated appearance. On the exterior of these matte black faceplates are hexagonal-shaped vents that give you console extra-cooling capabilities, useful for those who partake in long gaming sessions that might heat up the device.

The matte finish of the Foamy Lizard cover plate is both practical and stylish, helping to reduce fingerprints and maintain a clean look. Weighing 2.03 lbs and measuring 16.14 x 10.51 x 2.8 inches, it’s a perfect match for gamers who are particular about their setup’s appearance. Moreover, you don’t need to be concerned about having a PS5 digital or disc drive edition, as this faceplate is available for both models. The love for this faceplate doesn’t end here, as it was also highlighted as one of the best PS5 cover plates on Videogamer.

2. PEYANZ PS5 Console Cover for Digital Edition

The PEYANZ PS5 console cover is a standout choice for owners of the PS5 Digital Edition who are after classic color customization. Available in cosmic red and black, these faceplates can either bring a pop of vibrant red color or elegant black class to your PS5. The ABS plastic material with a matte finish not only looks good but is durable and ventilated, ensuring your console stays cool even during extended gaming sessions.

Weighing in at 2.25 lbs with dimensions of 17.2 x 11.34 x 2.4 inches, the PEYANZ faceplates are precision-engineered specifically for the PS5 Digital Edition. Owners of this console variant who seek to personalize their setup should find these faceplates a snug fit – but it’s recommended that you refresh your memory of how to change your PS5 faceplates to make sure you do the procedure correctly. Another bonus is that you get two DualSense controller covers included that match the colors of your new faceplates, further adding to the aesthetics of your set-up. Moreover, at $35.99, these faceplates are an affordable option to customizing your PS5.

3. PS5 Faceplate with Cooling Vent for PS5 Disc Edition

If cooling is a priority for you, this PS5 faceplate with enhanced cooling vents is an ideal choice for the PS5 Disc Edition. The integrated vents on both sides are designed to enhance air circulation, preventing your PS5 from overheating, and perhaps even extending the life of your console.

If you’ve been plagued with a slow and noisy console, switching your original faceplates to these better ventilated ones could eliminate noise and speed up its running. Made of hard ABS material, this faceplate is durable, shockproof, and not to forget, scratch-resistant. Its frosted surface effectively prevents fingerprints, keeping your console looking pristine and professional. Installation is a breeze, thanks to its clever barb design allowing for quick assembly and disassembly – a process that takes just a minute.

4. SIKEMAY PS5 Console Face Plates and RGB LED Light Strip

SIKEMAY’s PS5 faceplates, notably their Cosmic Red colorway, offer a vivid and vibrant choice for gamers looking to add some extra flair to their setup. Made from durable ABS plastic, these shockproof, ventilated, and scratch-resistant faceplates combine functionality with style. For fans of RGB, this customization opportunity isn’t one you want to turn down. An LED lightstrip further enhances the visual appeal of your PS5, bringing dynamic lighting effects that can elevate the gaming ambiance. Additionally, this lighting can be synced up with your sound and music, curating an even more immersive gaming experience

Available in Cosmic Red, Black, Pink, Purple, and White, SIKEMAY’s lineup caters to diverse color preferences. Weighing 2.07 lbs with dimensions of 15.35 x 10.24 x 1.18 inches, these faceplates are designed to fit seamlessly while providing adequate ventilation across the device. Gamers seeking a combination of eye-catching design and practicality will find SIKEMAY’s offerings particularly appealing, especially for those who enjoy a personalized and colorful gaming environment.

5. DOBEWINGDELOU PS5 Side Plate for Disc Edition

For fans of FPS games, the DOBEWINGDELOU PS5 Side Plate in Camo Green makes its way into the spotlight. The camo design adds a tactical and rugged aesthetic to the PS5, aligning well with the themes of many popular shooting games. Made from ABS plastic, these faceplates are both shockproof and scratch-proof, ensuring durability alongside their distinct style.

Measuring 16.93 x 10.63 x 2.17 inches and weighing 2.07 lbs, these faceplates are specifically designed for the PS5 Disc Edition. The ventilated design ensures effective cooling, maintaining console performance during those longer gaming sessions. FPS enthusiasts or gamers who prefer a military-inspired look for their setup will find the DOBEWINGDELOU faceplates a match made for the battlefield, though it’s important to note they are exclusive to the Disc Edition console this time round.

6. SIKEMAY PS5 Cover Plates Silver Edition

Last but not least, this elegant chrome-plated finish is sure to dazzle: The SIKEMAY Silver Edition faceplates offer a unique aesthetic with their chrome-plated finish, reflecting light to make your PS5 console a centerpiece in any gaming setup. This elegant choice is ideal for gamers who prefer a sophisticated, modern look, transforming the PS5 into an artwork more than console. The reflective surface adds a touch of luxury, making the console stand out, especially when positioned vertically.

Available in Silver, Black, Gold, Green, Grey, and Purple, these faceplates cater to a wide range of tastes. Weighing 2.03 lbs and with dimensions of 15.94 x 10.63 x 2.52 inches, they are not only visually striking but also practical. Constructed from ABS plastic, they are shockproof, ventilated, and scratch-resistant, ensuring that style doesn’t come at the expense of functionality.

✓ Marla’s thoughts

The downside of a chrome-plated finish

While these faceplates might be marketed as shockproof and scratch-proof, there is one thing that they aren’t proofed against – fingerprints. The shine is appealing, but you’ll want to make sure you wipe the cover with a cloth or duster after installation, and regularly after that, to wipe any lingering fingerprints or hand smudges the chrome has kept/

Do vented PS5 faceplates work?

Yes, vented PS5 faceplates work effectively. These faceplates are designed with ventilation in mind, ensuring that the console’s cooling system operates at a more efficient rate. By allowing for better air circulation, vented faceplates help maintain optimal operating temperatures, which is crucial for the longevity and performance of the console. When choosing a vented faceplate, it’s important to ensure that it’s designed specifically for the PS5 model you own (digital or disc) to guarantee proper fit and adequate ventilation.

Final thoughts

Selecting the right faceplate for your PS5 can significantly enhance your gaming setup, both aesthetically and functionally. Whether you prioritize elegant designs, cooling efficiency, or specific themes like camo or chrome finishes, the market offers a variety of options to suit your preferences. Each of the faceplates mentioned here – from the stylish Foamy Lizard and vibrant SIKEMAY options to the tactically inspired DOBEWINGDELOU – brings something unique to the table.

Remember, a well-chosen faceplate can transform your console into a statement piece that reflects your personal style while ensuring it remains cool and functional during those intense gaming sessions. With these top picks, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision that will elevate your gaming experience.

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