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PS5 Pro vs PS5 – how the rumored upgrade compares to the original

Should you wait for the PS5 Pro or buy a PS5 now?
Last Updated on February 29, 2024
Compare the Ps4 Pro with the Ps4 to determine which is the better option.
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Despite the lack of official confirmation, the supercharged PS5 is likely a reality we are all going to be seeing this year. We’ve all seen the leaks and rumors, but according to those improvements, how worth it is the PS5 Pro VS the PS5? This article will gather all rumors and leaked information about the PS5 Pro and compare it against the PS5 to help you determine if you want to upgrade.

PS5 Pro rumors – What we know so far (and what we don’t)

While a PS5 hardware upgrade is likely at some point in the console’s life cycle, official details from Sony are non-existent.  What we have now is a mix of rumors, informed speculation, and some clues gleaned from Sony’s past console revisions.

Potential upgrades

  • Enhanced Processor & Graphics: The core of any “Pro” upgrade would likely be a boost in processing power for better visuals, higher resolutions, and smoother frame rates. This could mean an improved version of AMD’s Zen architecture or a move to a newer Zen iteration.
  • Storage: While the PS5’s internal SSD is fast, more capacity is always welcome. A Pro model could offer a base configuration with more storage.
  • Form Factor: Could Sony release a PS5 Slim alongside a Pro? This could streamline manufacturing and even lower price points on the base model. A disc-drive-less PS5 Pro is a possibility to consider.
  • VR Compatibility: With PSVR2 on the horizon, a Pro could offer hardware tweaks for improved VR performance.

Where the rumors come from

  • Industry Trends: Console makers often refresh their hardware mid-generation. This has happened with past PlayStation iterations.
  • Tech Leaks: Some insiders hint at Sony working on next-gen PS5 hardware, but it’s unclear if this is a true Pro or a minor revision.
  • YouTubers & Analysts: These sources generate speculation, but frequently it’s based on limited information and aims to generate views rather than provide solid predictions.

Important considerations

  • Global Chip Shortage: Supply chain issues still plague the tech industry and could impact the timing and scale of any PS5 upgrade launch.
  • Sony’s Strategy: Sony might prioritize a simpler, slimmed-down redesign to increase production volume of the standard PS5 before venturing into a more expensive Pro model.
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath: Even if a PS5 Pro is in development, it might not release until late 2024 or even 2025.

PS5 Pro (rumored) vs PS5 – Specs and performance

The leap from the PS5’s AMD 8-core Zen 2 CPU to the PS5 Pro’s AMD 8-core Zen 4 CPU promises an increase in processing power and a boost in speed. This means games will load faster, run smoother, and allow for more complex in-game physics and AI, enhancing overall gameplay quality.

PS5 Pro CPU power

The PS5 Pro is also rumored to feature a groundbreaking AMD APU, combining Zen 4 CPU architecture with RDNA 3 graphics processing. This upgrade introduces a dedicated AI engine and a hybrid-core design, merging Zen 5 and Zen 5c cores for superior computing capabilities.

This architecture is designed to double the console’s raw processing power to 14.33 TFLOPs. For gamers, this means existing titles struggling to maintain 60 FPS could see significant performance improvements, especially for games that leverage ray-tracing technology:

  • Hitman 3
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Elden Ring

Graphics power enhancements

On the graphics front, the PS5 Pro’s GPU is rumored to boast 14.33 TFLOPs, a stark increase from the PS5’s 10.28 TFLOPs. Teraflops, or trillion floating-point operations per second, measure the GPU’s raw computational capability. This enhancement translates to higher frame rates, more detailed graphics, and a richer gaming experience, setting a new benchmark for console graphics performance.

8K resolution potential

The PS5 Pro’s alleged support for 8K gaming represents an ambitious leap forward. While true 8K gaming may seem far-fetched currently, especially considering the scarcity of 8K displays and the immense processing power required, this capability indicates Sony’s commitment to future-proofing its console and pushing the boundaries of 4K gaming performance.

The introduction of 8K readiness suggests that the PS5 Pro will excel in delivering high frame rates at 4K resolution, potentially making it a significant upgrade over the PS5 in terms of performance and future compatibility.

SpecificationPS5 (Current)PS5 Pro (Speculated)Notes
CPUAMD Zen 2 (8-core)AMD Zen 3/4 (8-core, higher clock speeds)Newer architecture, faster speeds for improved overall performance
GPURDNA 2 (10.28 TFLOPs)RDNA 3 (14.33 TFLOPs or higher)Significant boost in graphical power, key for higher resolutions and frame rates
RAM16 GB GDDR6Potentially 18 GB or faster GDDR6More RAM could improve game loading and asset streaming
Storage825 GB Custom SSD1 TB+ SSD (possible)More space for those massive game installs
New FeaturesPossible but highly speculativeFrame generation (AI-upscaling), Advanced Ray Tracing, 8K support, DualSense upgradesThese depend heavily on how powerful the new hardware is

Frame generation introduction

In PC gaming, Nvidia GPUs offer DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling); this utilizes AI to upscale lower-resolution images to higher resolutions without a significant hit to performance. This means games can run at a lower native resolution but be upscaled to look as if they’re running at a higher resolution, effectively improving frame rates and visual fidelity.

Rumors suggest the PS5 Pro will incorporate AMD’s version of this technology, enabling the console to generate additional frames and enhance FPS, providing smoother and visually more appealing gameplay.

Additionally, the Ray Tracing improvement and the introduction of the DualSense 2.0 controller promise to further enrich the gaming experience with improved haptics and adaptive triggers. In summary, the PS5 Pro’s enhanced specs and performance capabilities are set to offer a significantly more immersive and fluid gaming experience compared to the current PS5.

PS5 Pro – Games factor

The potential of a PS5 Pro raises exciting possibilities for how we play both upcoming games and existing PS4 favorites. While nothing is guaranteed, here’s how it could enhance your favorite titles.

Exclusive or enhanced titles

Sony’s first-party studios are renowned for pushing visual boundaries. Imagine future exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 running at a native 4K resolution with high frame rates and even more detailed ray tracing on a PS5 Pro.  Perhaps we’ll see exclusive performance modes offering either maximum graphical fidelity or silky-smooth 120fps gameplay that isn’t possible on a standard PS5.

Backwards compatibility redefined

PS5’s backwards compatibility for PS4 titles is already impressive.  But a Pro could unlock further potential.  Games like God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West, if patched for PS5 Pro, could see resolution increases, locked 60fps frame rates (on titles that currently fluctuate), or additional visual effects.  This could breathe new life into your PS4 library.

PSVR2’s potential unleashed

PSVR2 promises to be a massive leap over the original PSVR. However, VR demands high resolutions and frame rates to deliver a comfortable and immersive experience.  The PS5 Pro might be the key to pushing PSVR2 capabilities to their maximum.  Expect smoother rendering in demanding titles, the potential for increased visual complexity, and games designed from the ground up to harness the increased power of a Pro system.

Important considerations

  • Game Developers: Developers will need to optimize titles to take full advantage of the PS5 Pro’s hardware. This might not be a universal improvement across the board.
  • Optional, Not Mandatory: Don’t anticipate games becoming unplayable on the standard PS5. Even with upgrades, developers will keep the vast PS5 install base in mind.
  • Balancing Act: PS5 Pro enhancements shouldn’t come at a cost to the overall game design if the original PS5 hardware was the primary platform during development.

PS5 Pro vs PS5: Price and release date thoughts

The PS5 Pro will undoubtedly cost more than the standard PS5.  Here’s what we can analyze:

  • Past Precedents: The PS4 Pro launched at $399, a $100 increase over the original PS4. This could be a baseline to consider.
  • Inflation & Chip Shortages: Manufacturing costs have increased, and supply chain issues could impact pricing. Don’t expect a PS5 Pro to be cheaper than the PS5 launched at.
  • Potential Price Tiers: Rumors suggesting a $600-$700 PS5 Pro could indicate multiple models – perhaps differing storage sizes (a possible 1TB or even 2TB option).

When Can We Expect It?

While Sony remains tight-lipped, informed speculation points towards a 2024 release.  This aligns with typical mid-cycle console updates.  September 2024 was mentioned by Jeff Grubb on his Game Mess podcast, but treat this as a possible target for Sony, not a guarantee. 

Release DateLate 2024 (Possibly September)Based on rumors, aligns with past console cycles
Base Model Price$499—$599Assuming a moderate increase over the original PS5
Premium Model Price$600+Possible if there’s a version with significantly more storage (1 TB+)

Factors that could change this

  • Global Chip Shortage: Easing supply issues could bring prices down, but further disruptions could push prices or release dates back.
  • Competition: If Microsoft announces a surprise Xbox Series X upgrade, Sony could adjust their strategy.

PS5 Pro vs PS5 – Conclusion

The PS5 Pro, with its rumored enhancements, would stand as a compelling upgrade for those seeking the pinnacle of console gaming, especially for high-end gamers yet to own a PS5. Its potential advancements could see significant improvements in performance and visual quality, making it an attractive option.

However, current PS5 owners should carefully consider their gaming needs and the tangible benefits of upgrading. Ultimately, the PS5 Pro is likely poised to redefine gaming excellence, making it a worthy consideration for gamers aiming for the highest standards.

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