How to remove PS5 faceplates and change your console cover

Clean up your console with these easy instructions

Learn how to remove and attach console covers on your PS5.

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You may need to learn how to remove faceplates from your PS5 if your console needs an M.2 SSD installed, a dsic drive attached, or if you just want to replace the current covers. The process is extremely simple, but there are a couple of fiddly parts that can cause some issues if not done correctly. Following our simple step-by-step guide should ease you through the process, getting your console back in shape with as little fuss as possible.

How to remove faceplates from your PS5 – Simple step-by-step guide



Safety first

If you have been using your PS5, turn it off, unplug it from the power, and wait for it to cool down. Keep the console out of reach of young children, and place on a soft cloth, preferably on a flat surface. Once this is done, you are ready to move on to removing the faceplates.



Remove your console from the base

If your console is standing up on the base, you must remove the base before moving on to the next step.

If your console is not stood up, move on to Step 3.

To remove the base, you will need a flathead screwdriver. Simply remove the screw at the bottom of the base, and the base itself will detach easily.

A close up of a device with a needle attached to it, used to carefully remove faceplates from your PS5.



Position your console

Getting the console the right way round is crucial. Ensure that the PlayStation logo is facing towards the ceiling as the console lies flat.

A white square on a black background.



Remove the top faceplate

Take a firm grip on the corner of the cover (next to the PlayStation logo). Remove the faceplate with a slight pull up and towards the base of the console. There will likely be some resistance, but it should pop out with minimal force.

A white ps4 case with a built-in fan for cooling.

While the cover is off, give your console a clean! Removing dust will help improve your console health and performance.



Remove the bottom faceplate

Position your console so the PlayStation logo is facing down, and the power button is facing towards you. This time, grip the top left corner, and apply the same slight lift and pull to the right process.

A person holding a white box on a black background, showcasing how to remove faceplates from your PS5.



Re-attaching the faceplates

Both faceplates re-attach to the console easily. Simple slide them back into place from right to left. You will hear a click when they are correctly in place.

If incorrectly re-attached, your console may be prone to overheating.

✓ Mike’s Advice

Confidence is king

I understand that doing anything to your precious PS5 console can be daunting, but this is super easy. The faceplates on your console are designed to be removable, so be confident in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing.

There you have it, you have learned how to remove faceplates from your PS5. Your faceplates have now been changed or cleaned and re-attached in just a few simple steps. It’s up to you whether you stand your console back on the base or leave it lying flat.

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How do I get my PS5 faceplate back on?

If you study the underbelly of your faceplate, you will notice a selection of little notches or hooks. These align with slots on your console. Simply slide these into the corresponding slots and push until you hear a click.

Does removing PS5 faceplates void the warranty?

Removing PS5 faceplates will not void your warranty, provided the console’s serial number and seal remain visible and unbroken.