How to connect speakers to a PS5 – wired, Bluetooth and soundbar

Get the sound you want with these simple steps

Connect speakers to your PS5.

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Trying to figure out how to connect speakers to a PS5? Should be easy right? Well, the latest PlayStation consoles no longer have an audio port, making it that little bit trickier to get your sound system up and running. Don’t worry though, if you follow our step-by-step guide on how to connect speakers to a PS5, you’ll have your preferred audio system working in no time. Whether you are looking to use Bluetooth or a wired connection, we have you covered.

How to connect speakers to a PS5 – Simple step-by-step guide


How to connect a wired speaker to a PS5

If you need to hook your sound system up to your PS5, use these simple steps to get your audio working to perfection.



Make use of an HDMI port

As standard, the PS5 console comes with just one HDMI output slot, making it impossible to insert two HDMI cables without the use of an HDMI port. The HDMI port plugs directly into the PS5 HDMI slot, allowing multiple HDMI cables to be attached.

A black HDMI cable connected to a computer, providing high-definition audio and video transfer.

Ensure that you have a multiple HDMI port, rather than an HDMI switcher.



Connect your HDMI Audio Extractor

Next, connect your HDMI Audio Extractor to your HDMI port. This will allow you to attach an optical cable.



Connect your speaker

Once your HDMI Audio Extractor is in place, attach it to your Optical cable. This cable can then plug into your speaker, and there you have it, your speaker is good to go.

Getting all the right cables can be a bit of a nuisance, but once you have them this process should be straightforward. Make sure to check your sound quality after you have completed the steps to ensure that it is working correctly.


How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a PS5

If your speaker uses Bluetooth, use this easy to follow guide to get your speaker connected to a PS5.



Get yourself a Bluetooth adapter

If you are looking to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your PS5, you will first need a Bluetooth adapter. If you have one, plug the Bluetooth adapater into one of your console’s USB ports and turn it on.



Connect your adapter to your console

Once your adapter is plugged in, head into your PS5 Settings. From here, select Accessories, and then select your Bluetooth adapter to connect to the console.

A screenshot of the settings menu for connecting speakers to a PS5 on the Samsung Galaxy S7.



Connect your Bluetooth speaker

Once you have connected your Bluetooth adapter to your console, it is time to pair your speaker with the adapter. This can be done via the speaker directly, or potentially through an app on your phone, depending on the model of your speaker.



Set your speaker as your chosen audio output

After all these steps are complete, make sure your speaker is chosen as the preferred audio option. To do this, enter your PS5 settings, go to sound settings, and select audio output. From here, follow output device and select your Bluetooth adapter.

A screen showing the sound settings on a tv, including ways to connect speakers to a PS5.

This is the quickest and easiest way of connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your PS5. You will know that it’s working once your speaker is paired with the adapter, and the sound is working.


How to connect a Soundbar to a PS5

If you are looking to connect your Soundbar speaker to your PS5, follow our helpful guide below.



Connect your Soundbar to your TV or monitor

You can go down the route in Method 1 and make use of an HDMI Port, but we are going to give you the easiest method to get your Soundbar connected. Simply to connect your Soundbar to your TV.

This is by far the easiest method of setting up your speaker to your PS5. Connecting your speaker directly to your TV will work quickly, as long as your PlayStation is correctly set up. To check, make sure to take a look at our guide on how to set up your PS5 to your TV.

✓ Mike’s Advice

Keep it simple!

Trying to connect your speaker directly to your PS5 is nowhere near as simple as connecting to your TV or Monitor. For the best results, check our TV/Monitor’s audio capability and select a speaker to suit.

That’s that on connecting your speaker to your PS5. In a few simple steps you can get the sound quality you want from your console. One thing to check is our guide to the best gaming speakers, as these will show you which speakers we recommend you use. There is something for everyone here, so whether you are on a budget, or simply trying to upgrade your gaming setup, we have something for you.

Can you connect a speaker to a PS5?

Yes, but not directly. Instead, you can connect your speakers to your TV/Monitor provided it is compatible with your desired sound system.

Does PS5 have audio output?

No, the PlayStation 5 consoles do not have an Optical Digital Audio Output. PS5 consoles rely on HDMI outputs which offers HD video and audio.