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Best PC fans for RTX 4090

Improve your cooling with some of the best PC fans for the RTX 4090 to keep your card as chill as can be
Last Updated on November 8, 2022
With the drop of the GeForce RTX 4090, the requests for bigger cases have increased. The reason is simple the RTX 4090 is big, and the third-party editions will be even bigger. So I guess you already have upgrades in mind. Well, keep pocket change for new and more fans. The RTX 40 series is a heat-emitting one. Even though they come with a new fan system the heat distribution inside the case will need to address if you add up to that heat from a stronger PSU, you’ll need to fill all those extra fan slots you have taking dust there. To solve this, we bring you a curation of the best fans for the RTX 4090.

With the release of the GeForce RTX 4090, requests for much larger cases have increased. The reason is simple: the RTX 4090 is massive, and the third-party editions will be even bigger. Many may already have upgrades in mind, but it’ll probably be better to keep some pocket change for new and more PC fans.

The RTX 40 series is a major heat-emitting device. Even though it comes with a new fan system, the heat distribution inside the case will need to be addressed if you add up the heat from the stronger PSU, requiring the need to fill all those extra fan slots gathering dust in there. To solve this below you will find a curation of the best fans for the RTX 4090.

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best cooling fans for RTX 4090

We have to consider first that the following products are going to be high-demanding fans. They’ll be working at long intervals and some of them might even be for overclocking. So we came up with a list of high RPM fans and compared them with each other to determine the best possible performers for the RTX 4090.

Features and considerations

With the augmented requirements on cooling systems and the higher power and heat distributions provided via the RTX 4090, your pc will need some ventilation. Before you purchase a new set of fans you will need to consider your PC chassis space and know how many slots are available. Once you determine that, you’ll need to specify the features of the fan you want to buy. The main features and considerations are how much noise the fan emits, the RPM range, and the CFM listed. You can also check the design of the fan. Some of them have RGB lighting, and others do not. 

Our Recommended

Best PC fans for RTX 4090

  • Self-Stabilizing Oil Pressure Bearings
  • Great performance
  • Great noise management
  • No RGB-lights

The Noctua ventilation capabilities are hard to beat. This fan can get up to 1,200 RPM and put out almost 60 cubic feet of air every minute. It can do this all while being as quiet as a mouse. It only reaches 18.1 dBA, which means that you will hardly hear it in your room. 

The brand is known for its ugly designs. The edition before this model looks like it was pulled out of the ’80s. However, the firm has improved upon its design and built the Noctua NF-S12B Redux with a modern chic that will fit perfectly right beside the beautiful RTX 4090.

What makes Noctua fans stand out is the self-stabilizing oil pressure bearings that can last for years without underperforming or augmenting noise. Over any other PC fan, Noctua models will take the cake without breaking a sweat.

  • Beautiful RGB lighting
  • Has a lot of accessories included
  • Loud

The NZXT Aer RGB was built to move air and look amazing while doing it. This fan can get to 1,500 RPM while moving tons of air. The downside, though, is that this fan can get a bit noisy. If you don’t care so much about a lot of noise, you should go with this one. When it’s performing at its max, the Aer RGB will reach a listed 22 dBA, but in real tests, this fan can get even noisier than that.

On the other hand, it is quite a beautiful fan. The two RGB LED lights are placed at their outer ring instead of the blades. Thanks to this configuration, the light is cast beautifully. illuminating the inside of the case.

  • Cheap for an RGB fan
  • Great airflow potential
  • Loud at top speed

Cooler Master takes the lead for the best budget fan around. They sacrifice a high-tech design to deliver a cheap, yet still powerful fan that can handle the high heat distribution of the RTX 4090. Even though it’s a low-priced fan, the product still offers impeccable RGB lighting, so if that’s what you’re into, this is a pretty good option. 

However, the advantages of the Cooler Master MF120R A-RGB do not end there. It can reach an incredible 2,000 RPM with a CFM of 59.0 while only emitting 31.0 dBA. When it goes at top speeds, it can get pretty loud. 

  • Strong air distribution
  • Great design
  • Considerably quiet
  • Big size is not fit for every case

200mm fans are amazing to create airflow, and they do their best to stay quiet and let you enjoy your work or intense gaming. Air movement for this fan is 90 cubic feet per minute and it can go up to 1,500 RPM, all of that while performing under 28 dBA. The Cooler Master MF200R is a powerful yet still quiet fan.

Before buying this fan, you need to consider that this is a big accessory. Not all cases can fit it, so check first which kind of case you have. If you can go for it, you’ll have a fan with translucent blades that allows the RGB light to shine like a neon city at night. Finally, the MF200R ARGB comes with a smart sensor that stops the fans when it gets clogged.

And that’s all of the best fans for the RTX 4090, a true beast of a card that demands just as powerful cooling. Consumers can’t go wrong with any one of the aforementioned products in their chassis, but the quieter the better in my humble opinion, especially with the RTX 4090 in there.

Our Verdict

Having the RTX 4090 while still vying to keep the whole rig cold is one massive undertaking, but remains one of the most important things for getting the best performance out of your desktop. The Noctua NF-S12B does that perfectly at a great price. Your new GPU will run smoothly with this fan in its chassis.