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Best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K

Keep the flagship Raptor Lake model under control for less
Last Updated on November 23, 2022
Best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K

Now that Intel’s 13th Gen chipset, Raptor Lake, is here, the best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K is an essential component to keep in mind. That’s because, for all the processor’s performance prowess, it doesn’t half run hot when under stress. Remember, make sure you have a compatible motherboard – there are plenty of Black Friday deals on right now for a selection of motherboards.

Despite having a 125W TDP, which doesn’t get quite as toasty as top-end Ryzen 7000 chipsets with 170W TDP, effective heat dissipation is required.

The latest leading chipset features 24 cores (32 threads) and a maximum boost clock of 5.8 GHz.

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Want to make the most of it? You’ll need the best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K. We’ve never had consumer-grade processors which can push upwards of 6.0 GHz before, so going to the absolute limits of 10nm silicon takes a toll on the components when not looked after.

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Products at a Glance

How we chose the best CPU coolers for Intel Core i9-13900K

We made the selections in our buying guide by considering as many budgets and preferences as possible. That’s why we opted for a competitively priced air cooler as well as both budget, mid-range, and higher-end AIOs in the guide. Brand recognition is important, as you’re potentially going to have the same cooler for the next few years. You need something that lasts and keeps up with the best of Raptor Lake, and these top picks can and more.

The type of cooler you want to go for is going to depend on your case space. If you’re planning a smaller form factor build then an air cooler play nicer in a limited space than even a 120mm or 240mm radiator setup will. Contrastly, if you want to overclock to the extreme, then a water-cooled rig is the way to go. We’ve tailored our options with this in mind as you’ll find below.

Our Recommended

Best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K

  • LGA 1700 support
  • Excellent build quality
  • Huge, powerful pump
  • On the expensive side

The Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 is our number one pick for the best CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K. This is because of its expansive nature, premium build quality, and wide array of features that make it a leading option. This includes a thick 4mm cold surface on the pump itself, combined with a powerful 360mm radiator and ARGB fans combo for a mixture of stellar functionality and style. 

While the Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 excels as an AIO, it’s the modularity that helps it take the top spot. That’s because of the open loop parts which make for easy installation and replacement of components. This model has been around for a long time and proved its versatility due to the transparency of how it was constructed.

  • Competitively priced
  • Excellent performance
  • Beautiful style and build quality
  • Lacking fan control

The NZXT Kraken X73 is an absolutely excellent AIO for the Intel i9-13900K, and this is for a fair few reasons. We’ve actually had one of these in one of our rigs for a while, and have used them in test builds with Alder Lake processors in the past. In terms of an all-in-one that’s easy to put together, provides powerful cooling, and runs quietly under stress, you can’t really go wrong with this one. What’s more, it’s frequently sold at or under the $200 mark.

Of course, the looks of this particular cooler come into play. This is easily one of the nicest from a pure aesthetics point of view in our opinion. That#s due to the slick, angular style of the radiator and pump combo which is accented nicely with bright and vivid RGB. With a 360mm radiator, comprising of three fans, there’s more than enough grunt to keep the Raptor Lake front runner under control.

  • Small footprint
  • Premium construction
  • Consistent near-silent operation
  • A little chunky vertically

Noctua is a name that’s revered whenever fans of any description are brought up for their silent operation and high efficiency. Well, the NH-U12A is arguably the brand’s biggest triumph as far as air coolers go. What you’re getting with this model is those stellar fans in a small footprint package that doesn’t shy away on extreme power cooling. Priced at $120, this AIO / custom loop alternative can keep the raging fires of Raptor Lake at bay without breaking a sweat.

That’s what’s most impressive about the Noctua NH-U12A when all is said and done. Simply put, this is a tried-and-true model that’s more than earned its claim to fame over the years. This latest iteration is available in a darker colorway that we think is particularly slick, too. Make no mistake about its age, armed with seven heat pipes and four NF-A12x25 PWM, air really is a valid alternative to water.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Respectable performance
  • Included ARGB controller
  • Gets loud under stress

Although the Vetroo V360 lacks the name-brand recognition of other models in our round-up, we still think it deserves a spot on the podium for what it offers from a price-to-perspective perspective. Priced at just $99.99, you’re getting a lot of cooling power for a very competitive rate. This is significantly cheaper than many high-performance air coolers and entry-level models, with a few extra bells and whistles to boot, too.

Also included in the humble price tag is an included ARGB controller to better personalize how the fans and pump look in your machine. Things don’t stop there, though. There’s also the option to sync up with other RGB components on your motherboard through supported software. Aesthetics aside, something we rarely see at the sub-$100 mark is dedicated fan control, a feat that even premium offerings don’t always have as standard.

Do I need a CPU cooler for the Intel Core i9-13900K?

Yes. There’s no other way around it. You need a CPU cooler for the Intel Core i9-13900K. This can be either an air cooler, AIO, or custom loop should you have the time, money, and expertise for the latter.

Your processor won’t work as intended for very long without a form of cooling, as the chipset runs naturally quite hot when idle, let alone when pressure-tested.

What's better for Intel Core i9-13900K - Air or AIO?

There’s no definitive right answer as to whether air cooling or water cooling is strictly better. It ultimately comes down to preference, as a pump and radiator combo is going to take up more space in a case than even a chunky brick of an air cooler.

If you’ve got the money, you may see marginally better results with the latter, though, if we’re splitting hairs.

How much should a CPU cooler for Intel Core i9-13900K cost?

We personally think that you can get yourself a respectable air cooler for around the $50 mark if you’re on a budget. We touched upon the world of cheap AIOs in our guide, as it’s entirely possible to get a sizable pump and radiator for less than a C-note, too.

Our Verdict

The Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora 360 takes the top of the totem pole for its consumer-friendly practices relating to off-the-shelf parts and ease of modularity. While it may be considered a little much for some, those who want to push the Intel Core i9-13900K to its limits will appreciate the extra grunt available with this model compared to similarly priced competition.