GTRacing Black Friday Deals In 2022

Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up GTRacing deals

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GTRacing is one of the best brands for anyone looking for affordable gaming peripherals to build out their setup. Chairs, desks, mice, and keyboards are all provided by the brand, which means GTRacing Black Friday deals could really kit you out.

The company has its own Black Friday sale, so on this page, we’ll be keeping an eye on the top offers to come out during the Black Friday period – helping you to get the deals you need to complete your November shopping list.

Best GTracing deals in 2022

While GTRacing’s Black Friday engine is warming up, we’ve spotted a few deals to be aware of leading into the period.

  1. MCFC Esports 2022 Series, £189.99 (save £190)
  2. PRO SERIES // GT666 chair, £164.99 (save £5)
  3. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard // GT882, £44.99 (save £15)
  4. GTPLAYER T-shaped Large Gaming Desk T01, £139.98 (save £30.01)
  5. GTPLAYER Professional Microphone/ MPA1-RGB, £59.99 (save £10)

Where to find the best GTRacing Black Friday deals

We’d recommend keeping an eye on this page, as we’ll be highlighting the top deals to come out from GTRacing this November, as soon as we get the details from its sale, and available discounts.

However, you can also keep an eye on the GTRacing website itself. Alternatively, you may find some GTRacing discounts available on Amazon, where the brand offers some of its products via its own store.

Last year’s GT Racing Black Friday deals

Below you’ll find a selection of last year’s deals. However, we’ll be updating these as soon as we get information on the latest GTRacing Black Friday deals for 2022.

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UK UK Deals
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GTRACING Footrest Series

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GTRACING Music Series

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GTRACING Gaming Desk Collection

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When will GTRacing Black Friday deals start in 2022?

We don’t yet know. While the company is offering some deals already, we expect the Black Friday sale will start properly come the week of Black Friday itself.

Last year the sales kicked off a few days before, an as Black Friday this year is on November 25, we’d keep an eye out on offers from November 21.

How to get the Best GTRacing Black Friday deals

If you don’t want to keep an eye on the deals yourself, we’ll help you. You can use this page to help find the top deals available, as we’ll want to see what the best discounts are too.

If you’re considering picking up products from other brands, and not completely sure you’ll go for a GTRacing Black Friday deal, that’s fine. Make sure you price-check to see who offers best value for you.

What to consider when looking for a GTRacing Black Friday deal

GTRacing isn’t the most expensive brand out there. So it’s a good place to shop if you want quality at a more affordable price. That doesn’t mean that the products aren’t reliable, but it does mean that – if keeping to your budget is a major concern for a gaming chair or computing peripherals – GTRacing is certainly worth keeping an eye on this November.

Does GTRacing take part in Black Friday?

Historically, yes. GTRacing takes part in Black Friday, offering deals across its products via its own store. We’ll be highlighting the top deals on this page, so make sure to check back when Black Friday week rolls around on November 21.