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The Ultimate Affordable Gaming Set-Up – With GTRacing

We set out to create the ultimate gaming room on a tight budget. Let's see how we got on...
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
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Sit yourself down, can in hand, navigate your way to Twitch or YouTube, and prepare to watch your favorite streamer and relax for a couple of hours. Sure you are watching the game and joining in the fun but in the back of your mind you are thinking, ‘Man that chair looks nice. I wish I could afford a proper gaming chair like that.’

Maybe you have Googled around, even done a couple of Amazon searches, but those prices are killing you. For a chair? $600? You could upgrade your GPU never mind your chair for that. You could probably even buy a car, and that has at least four seats in it!

It doesn’t need to be that way though. Yes, there are super-expensive premium-rate chairs that only the likes of streamers earning the big bucks (and we all know who they are after the recent Twitch hack) can afford, but what they don’t want you to know when they are shilling their affiliate codes is that it is quite possible to put together the Ultimate Affordable Gaming Set-Up for a fraction of the cost you thought.

PC Guide has teamed up with GTRacing to do just such an experiment. Can we create a set-up to be proud of, for the fraction of the cost the others would have you believe?

We know we can, and by the end of this, you will be able to as well so let’s crack on.

The Seat

This dream of yours to create the Ultimate Affordable Gaming Set-Up will have started, inevitably, with the chair-envy described above. What you will now need to compete with inside your mind is that you can actually get a perfectly great gaming chair for around 20-30% of the price some of the other brands are charging.

The question is? Will your behind notice the 70-80% difference in price? We believe the only way it might is if you are sat on your wallet and it is stuffed full of the savings you have made by buying your chair from GTRacing. That bulging billfold might start to feel uncomfortable after a long session of gaming, so we’d advise you to take it out of your pocket and pop it aside on your new gaming desk. But more of that later.

Spoilt for choice

GTRacing has chairs in a variety of models, ranging from its Pro Series at the top of its range to its Music Series which comes with built-in speakers to increase the immersion of your gaming setup even more.

If you are looking to spread out and relax, and space is not the issue when it comes to a little console gaming, the Footrest series allows you to do just that. Get those legs out in front of you for the ultimate gaming session.

All the ranges come in a variety of colors and materials – black to pink, PU leather to fabric, so whatever look you are going for in your Ultimate Affordable Gaming Set-up you can select what you need and match everything up, just like the stars you see online.

The Desk

This item is much overlooked when it comes to a killer gaming set-up. Sure you can head to Ikea and put together a couple of LACK tables for small change, but that’s not going to cut it, even in an affordable gaming set-up.

Adding a GTRacing Gaming desk to your room elevates your set-up to the next level and whether you choose its new TO-2 model with its sumptuous-sized desk real-estate all covered in carbon-fiber textured material and with accessories right down to the built-in headphone hook or the Z05 – GTRacing’s Z-Shaped gaming desk with RGB lighting that looks like the desk TRON would use what you are ultimately getting is a purpose-designed surface to game on.

Save that trip to IKEA for when you need a new bookshelf.

The Gaming Keyboard

You already know you want a new mechanical keyboard to put on that new TRON desk and the choice can be bewildering if you just go to Amazon. The choice can also be expensive with the hardcore mechanical keyboards coming in at hundreds of dollars. Now bear in mind you probably only want the WASD keys anyway, the keyboard is another place you can really buy clever to keep your set-up affordable.

GTRacing has a range of great mechanical keyboards at a much more pocket-friendly price than you are used to seeing and they don’t scrimp on anything either. All featuring things such as RGB, Opto-Mechanical Switches for unmatched speed and actuation, and 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover. 

If you don’t know what any of that means that doesn’t matter, just revel in knowing that with a keyboard such as GTRacings’s GT881 you are going to be set up for years to come.

The Mouse

You can see how things are progressing now but we still need a gaming rodent for our ultimate affordable set-up. Guess what, GTRacing has four to choose from and you can pick them up at far better prices than the ones you see elsewhere where you are paying extra for the name and getting very little else extra.

Whether you want a mouse with a lightweight honeycomb shell for extra speed during your PVP shoot-outs (Gaming Gear Gaming Mouse) or you need one with a few extra buttons you can assign to make your life in New World easier (GTRacing Wired Programmable Mouse) you can pick up a GTRacing mouse at the same time as everything else and be ready for anything a game can throw at you.

The Headphones

We are rapidly heading towards the end of what we actually need for our ultimate affordable gaming set-up but we can’t leave you without headphones. What would the neighbors think? From headsets to earbuds, GTRacing has something for everyone here too. If you need a USB connection or a ⅛ Jack connector that’s no problem.

If you are fan of shooters you will doubtless find the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound of the Gaming Gear headset just what you need whereas if you are a gamer who only plays with earbuds, the F1 buds with charging case are so good, you won’t even realize you have them in when the battle heats up!

The Accessories

All that’s left now to complete our new room are a couple of items that you might think you can get anywhere, but seeing as we have gone all-in with GTRacing we’d advise you to pick up one of its great mouse or desk pads, and while you are at it a Floor Mat to put your new chair on to help it glide around easier and not mark your floor or get caught up on any wires. Are they necessary touches? Certainly not, but we are talking about the ULTIMATE affordable gaming set-up here so just go the extra mile and gear up!

The Verdict

Did we manage to create the Ultimate Affordable Gaming Set-Up? You bet we did. Just imagine your face when the courier arrives with all this gear on the same day at your house (don’t worry about his face, he gets paid to do it). What you have here is the ultimate gaming room makeover and we reckon you can do it for LESS than the price of one of the expensive brands of gaming chair – For around $350 you can get the items mentioned in this article. Or you could go and spend $500 on just a chair.

You’re welcome!

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