Black Friday VPN deals in 2022

It's time to browse American Netflix and watch absolutely nothing at all!

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Black Friday VPN deals will allow you a cost-effective way to browse the web benefiting from protection. And, also allow you to access geo-blocked content.

This page will help you keep tabs on the last VPN deals this Black Friday, as we look to save you money on what are very handy tools to have access to when out and about using public WiFi, or at home seeking more protection.

Best VPN deal in 2022

  1. Pure VPN, 27 months, $1.99 a month (save 82%)
  2. Nord VPN, 24 months, $5.29 a month (save 68%)
  3. Proton VPN, 48 months, €4.99 EUR (save 50%)
  4. Express VPN, 12 months, $8.32 a month

Best Black Friday VPN deals in 2022

When Black Friday deals start to appear, we’ll be highlighting the best of the best right here. In the meantime, if you’re not sure which VPN to opt for, check out our best VPN for PC guide, and find more VPNs on our Internet Safety pages.

When will Black Friday VPN deals start in 2022?

As VPN services are purchased directly from the providers, deals will start when the providers launch them on-site. Black Friday is November 25 this year, so we’d expect deals to start appearing at least a few days or so before then.

However, Some companies launch their sales a week or two beforehand, so we’ll be on the lookout for you too.

How to get the best Black Friday VPN deals in 2022

Compare: Compare prices to see which offers the best value, but also compare features of the services on offer. Only get the service that you know you will make use of.

Service length: You’ll get better deals for signing up for a longer-term service with all VPN providers. However, it’s not the best deal unless it works for you. You may want to try a shorter term with a new provider and then move to a longer subscription when you are happy with the service.

Features to consider

App? Will you use the service on the go? If so, you’ll want a reliable app that you can use on, say an Android device.

Streaming: If you want to use a VPN service for streaming, you should check that it supports that use and offers enough network resilience to provide a smooth experience

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which effectively takes your outgoing connection, funnels it elsewhere, and then to the intended destination. This helps cover your tracks, but also often ‘changes’ the location of where your device is in the world.

VPNs work on a subscription fee, but on Black Friday, this usually means that a yearly subscription is often cut down to really low prices.