Keep cool with 16% shredded off MasterLiquid CPU cooler as Spring Deal Days looms

Keep your rig cool as a cucumber with this discount on Amazon.

Liquid CPU cooler with RGB fans against a blue gradient background.

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If you’re looking for a reliable cooling system to ensure your CPU stays cool during intense gaming sessions, prevent throttling, and maintain smooth gameplay, you’re in the right place. The Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX has been reduced in an Amazon deal with a hefty 16% discount. If you’re looking for the best CPU cooler in 2024, perfect for your all-white gaming rig, this bargain is for you.

Save 16% NOW!

Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX White Close-LoopAIO CPU Liquid Cooler

Gen2 ARGB Dual Loop Pump, 240mm Radiator, PL-Flux 120 PWM Fans, AMD Ryzen AM5/AM4, Intel LGA1700/1200 (MLY-D24M-A23PZ-RW)

You can grab the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX on Amazon for only $142.12. The original price of this CPU Liquid cooler was a hefty $169.99, but with this 16% discount, you get to save a chunky $27.87. If you like those long, intense gaming sessions, you’ll want to stay cool with the MasterLiquid PL240.

What we love about the Cool Master MasterLiquid PL240

  • 240mm Radiator: A 240mm radiator can provide more surface area for heat exchange, allowing the cooler to transfer heat more effectively.
  • Gen 2 ARGB Dual Loop Pump: The pump circulates the coolant throughout the closed loop system. The Dual Loop design in this model promises improved flow and pressure balance for efficient cooling. ARGB, which stands for Addressable RGB, refers to the lighting feature. This means you can customize the lighting effects using compatible software.
  • 2x PL-Flux 120 PWM Fans: The radiator relies on fans to pull air through it, facilitating the heat exchange process. PWM support allows the motherboard to control the fan speed based on the CPU temperature, maintaining a balance between noise and cooling performance.
  • LGA1700 and AM5 compatible: The cooler is compatible with a wide range of AMD and Intel CPU sockets, including AM5 and LGA1700.

What we think Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 FLUX CPU cooler

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL240 is a closed-loop AIO liquid CPU cooler. This means it’s a pre-filled and sealed unit that cools your CPU using liquid coolant instead of air. It makes it easier to install compared to open-loop coolers that require you to fill and maintain the system yourself. Unlike air coolers that use fans to blow air over the CPU, liquid coolers circulate coolant through a radiator to dissipate heat. This is more efficient for high-performance CPUs that generate a lot of heat.

Want to stay cool as a cucumber during your gaming sessions? Keep cool with this CPU cooler and take advantage of this bargain on Amazon. Not only will you save some cash, but you can also enhance your rig’s performance now at a lower price.

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