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How to make a Discord server private on desktop and mobile

Last Updated on April 16, 2024
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If you are wondering how to make a Discord server private, then we have you covered right here. 

Servers are one of the most important features of Discord. You can create multiple servers or join multiple servers. Now, when you create a server, you can either make it public (open to everyone) or set it to private (it can be joined only by the users who have an invite). If you are creating a Discord server just for your friends, family, or some private community, a private server makes more sense. 

With that being said, we have created this step-by-step guide for making a private server on Discord. You can do this on a PC (desktop app or website) or using the mobile app. 

Quick Answer

Go to server > Open server settings > Roles > Default permissions > disable permissions for @everyone > save the settings

How to make your Discord server private on PC

These steps are for the desktop app as well as the web version.



Go to your server

Open Discord and head over to the server that you want to make private. 



Open Server Settings

Once you have opened the server, go to the server settings.

server settings



Adjust the roles and permissions

In server settings, click on the ‘Roles’ option. Once that sub-menu opens, click on the ‘Default Permissions,’ select ‘@everyone,’ and disable the permissions. After you’ve made the changes, click on ‘save’ to save the settings.

Screenshot of a Discord server settings interface highlighting the "roles" section with an arrow pointing to the "everyone" role details on the right side to make it private.



Make a new role

Now, click on ‘Create Role’ and fill out the details – name of the role, color, permissions, and more. When you’re done, save the changes.

create new role



Assign the role

Now, you have to assign the role to the users on your server. To do this, click on the ‘Manage Members’ tab and click on ‘Add Members.’ Then, select the members that you want to assign this role to.

assign new role to discord members

After this, every time you add a member to your server, they will have to be assigned a role for participating actively in the server.

How to make your Discord server private on mobile

If you want to make changes to your Discord server on mobile, follow these steps.



Go to the server

Open the Discord mobile app and head over to the server that you want to turn private.




Go to Server Settings

Next, tap on the name of your server and then click on ‘Settings.’

server settings on discord mobile



Go to ‘Roles’

In the Settings menu, scroll down and click on ‘Roles.’

server roles discord mobile



Disable permissions

Next, click on ‘@everyone’ and disable permissions. When you’re done, save the settings.

disable everyone permissions



Set up a new role

In the Server Roles menu, click on ‘+’ beside the header to add a new role. Fill in the details – name of the role, colors, permissions, and more. Save the role when you’re done.

create new role discord mobile



Assign role to members

Then, you will be prompted to select users in your server to assign the roles to. Click on ‘Finish’ when you’re done.

assigning new role to members

Can you make a public Discord server private?

Yes, you can disable the members’ permissions in a public Discord server and make it private. In fact, you can also do this for individual channels in a server. To do this, check out our guide above.

How do I make a Discord server Invite only?

As mentioned in our guide, you will have to disable everyone’s permissions on the server. Then, you, the owner of the server, can set up new roles with specific permissions. This way, when a new user joins the server, they won’t be able to participate in the server without a specific role.


To sum up, if your server is public and you want to make it private, then you can do so by adjusting the roles and permissions in the server. Simply put, you will have to disable permissions for @everyone, set up a new role, and assign them permissions. 

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