How to mark spoilers on Discord – our guide for text and images

Discover ways to add spoiler covers on different devices, including Discord mobile

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If you want to send a message to a channel and you’re wondering how to mark spoilers on Discord, we have you covered right here. In this guide, we have explained the step-by-step process of adding spoiler tags to texts and images on mobile as well as PC.

Much like the name suggests, spoiler tags are used to mask texts, parts of texts, links, images, and more that can spoil a mystery for other users. For instance, if you are talking about a mystery movie on a channel and you want to discuss how it ended. In this case, you will want to mask the text so other channel members who haven’t seen the movie can choose not to view the text.

Thankfully, it’s easy to mark something as a spoiler on Discord. With that being said, this guide works for the Discord app as well as the web version, so we hope you find it useful. Plus, the process is quite similar on mobile, so you can use this guide for the Discord mobile app.

Quick Answer

Here’s how you can mark text or images as spoilers on Discord –

Text: Open Discord > go to the channel where you want to send text > use the /spoiler command > send the text

Parts of text: Open Discord > open the channel to which you want to send a message > add || before and || after the parts you want to mark > send the text

Images: Open Discord > Go over to the channel > Upload an image > Mark the image as spoiler > send the image

How to mark text as spoiler on Discord

With this process, you can hide the entire text or parts of it. 



Head over to the channel

Open Discord and then head over to the channel where you want to send a text.



Use the spoiler command

The easiest way to mask your entire message is to type in the /spoiler command into the chat box and then type in your message.

spoiler command



Use the || to mask parts of texts

If you want to hide parts of a text, then you can use these (||) bars. Just add || before and || after the parts you want to mask.

spoiler tags

Alternatively, you can type your message, right-click on the mouse, select the text to hide, and then click on the ‘eye’ icon to mark it as spoiler.

How to add spoiler tags to images on Discord

Just like texts, you can add spoiler tags to images before sending them.



Go over to the channel

Open Discord and then open the channel to which you want to send an image.



Upload an image

Next, click on ‘+,’ and then click on ‘Upload a File.’ After you select an image to upload, wait for it to upload.



Mark the image as spoiler

Then, before you send the image, click on the small ‘eye’ button to mark the image as a spoiler. Alternatively, you can edit the image and add the spoiler command. 

spoiler tag for images

Send the image, and it will be masked as a spoiler.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you black out text in Discord?

As mentioned in our guide, you can use spoiler tags in Discord to black out text and blur out images. You can do so by using the /spoiler command or use the ‘eye’ icon. For more details, check out our guide. 

How do you disable spoiler tags on Discord?

To deactivate spoilers, open Discord and go to the text and images section. Then click on the spoiler button next to your name. You should now be able to see a list of options.

Choose the option that says “Always” under “Show Spoiler Content”. This will make sure that any messages you send will not contain spoilers.

Spoiler tags are hidden for everyone except moderators and those who choose to enable them. You can use this code to automatically remove spoilers from your posts. This is useful if you want to post an article without worrying about spoilers.


To sum up, marking text and images as spoilers is quite easy. The process for it is similar on desktop and mobile, so you can refer to the guide regardless of the device you use.

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