How To Stream Hulu On Discord

Learn how to successfully stream Hulu on Discord and how to avoid black screen issues

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The world of modern technology has opened up a wealth of opportunities for friends worldwide to socialize and stay connected. We can watch movies together without having to be physically present in the same room. This is an example of how technology has made our lives easier.

Discord is an online video platform that allows users to talk about videos, play games together, and watch movies at the same time. Discord is available as a Web application or App on both Windows and Mac computers. You can use Discord on your PC or Mac computer, but it’s easier to stream Hulu on Discord using the Discord app.

Discord also requires an account to log in and connect. To get started, head over to the Discord website by clicking here and installing the Discord app on your operating system. Once installed, scan the QR code on your mobile device or enter the credentials to log into Discord.

To stream Hulu on Discord, you need to download the latest version of Discord on your Chrome browser. After entering the website, select your desired subscription plan and then enter the code provided by Hulu. This will enable you to enjoy Hulu on Discord without facing any black screen problems.


Playing Hulu On Browser

Follow these simple instructions for playing Hulu on your browser:



Launch Discord

In order to start streaming Hulu, first pause the video and then launch Discord. Then, open the Discord app and select the gear icon next to the name of the channel. This will open the Discord Settings page.



Click The Stream Icon

You must be logged in to an account with access to the streaming services before you can stream. Clicking the ‘Stream’ icon displays the list of all the applications currently running in the background. Choose your browser and add it as a game. Then go to the server where you want to watch the video, and click the ‘Stream’ icon.



Set Up A Hulu Party

To set up a Hulu party on Discord, first, make sure you have a Discord Nitro account. Then go into your settings and turn on the Hulu option. Now you can go into the voice channel and select Hulu as the source.

This means that others on the server can join in and watch the same thing you are watching. Clicking on the ‘End Call’ Button ends the watch party. You may also use the ‘End Call’ Button to end your own personal watch party.


The App

If you don’t want to use the web version of Discord, you can download the Discord app on your smart device. Then, sign in to Discord using either a QR code from the app or your Discord username and password just as you would on a PC.


Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration should be turned off when streaming Hulu on Discord. This will prevent the black screen issue. You can turn off hardware acceleration on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera and Internet Explorer.



Open Chrome

To disable hardware acceleration in Chrome, open Chrome and select ‘Settings’ from the vertical three-point menu in the upper right-hand corner.



Go To Advance Settings

Go to the ‘System’ tab, then to ‘Advanced’ settings, and turn off the checkbox that says ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’ Then restart Chrome.

Turn off the Use hardware acceleration when available option then you just need to restart your computer.


You may wonder if streaming movies is actually legal. People use conferencing platforms like Zoom and Discord to stream and share videos. These are very convenient because you do not need an internet connection.

You can also watch movies digitally. This practice is legal as long as you are not violating copyright laws. However, if you are found doing this by the police, then you may be charged with a crime so it’s wise to be vigilant.


There you have it, a guide to streaming Hulu on Discord. Happy streaming!

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