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What is Clyde: Discord’s AI Chatbot?

The low-down on Discord's new AI chatbot
Last Updated on May 10, 2023
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Do you use Discord to chat with your friends or colleagues? If yes, then you might have come across a chatbot named Clyde. But, what is Clyde, and how does it work? Carry on reading to find out more.

Clyde is an AI chatbot developed by Discord. It’s an automated program designed to perform several tasks within the platform. The chatbot can carry out a variety of actions, such as notifying users about new messages, welcoming new members, and providing support to users.

How does Clyde work?

Clyde uses the natural language process or NLP to understand and respond to user queries. It’s designed to recognize common phrases and keywords to respond appropriately. The AI chatbot can communicate in several languages and translate real-time messages.

What tasks can Clyde perform?

The AI bot can perform various tasks within Discord, such as:

  • Welcoming new members: automatically sends a welcome message when a new member joins a server.
  • Providing support: provides users with basic information about Discord and help them troubleshoot any issues they face.
  • Sending notifications: sends users notifications about new messages, mentions, or activity on the server.
  • Performing server maintenance: performs routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning up inactive channels or deleting spam messages.

Providing server statistics: Clyde can inform users about the server’s activity, such as the number of messages sent or active members.

How to interact with Clyde?

Interacting with the chatbot is easy. You don’t need to install any additional software or plugins. All you need to do is type a command or message, and the bot will respond accordingly. Here are some examples of commands you can use it:

  • @clyde help: This command will provide you with a list of available commands you can use with Clyde.
  • @clyde stats: This command will provide information about the server’s activity, such as the number of messages sent or active members.
  • @clyde translate [language code] [text]: This command will translate the specified text into the specified language.
  • @clyde purge [number]: This command will delete the specified number of messages from the channel.
  • @clyde ping: This command will test the server’s latency and provide you with the response time

Is Clyde safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. It’s a part of Discord’s official platform and is regularly updated to ensure security and reliability. However, as with any other online platform, you must be mindful of the information you share with Clyde and other users.


Clyde is a useful AI chatbot that can perform several tasks within Discord. It’s easy to interact with and can provide users with valuable information and assistance.

Whether you’re a server admin or a regular user, Clyde can help you manage your Discord experience more efficiently. So, next time you’re on Discord, try interacting with the chatbot and see how it can enhance your chat experience.

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