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DuckStation is all about getting the best experience out of the PlayStation games you want to re-experience. Simplistic UI pulled straight from Dolphin aids in getting straight into the game without much hassle. There are a few neat features under the hood for things like adding scan lines or smoothing edges but for the most part, it’s a straightforward emulator with your typical features. 

The PlayStation launched in 1994 to surprise and mild confusion. Sony of the Betamax failure, Walkman success and probably the TV sat neatly in the corner of the room is making a console? Wild. 

Sony had an instant winner, with a lower cost and better games than the competing Sega Saturn, as well as the full 750MB to work with on their disc-based system, rather than the hard limits of a cartridge that Nintendo still enforced with the Nintendo 64 a couple of years later. 

PlayStation saw the birth of Naughty Dog and Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII and so many more, with a lot of these games still persisting to this day. 

To download DuckStation, follow the big old button below and be sure to have a look at some of the guides if you’re brand new to the emulation of the PlayStation 1. 

  • How to save games with DuckStation
  • How to install and set up DuckStation

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