How to save games with DuckStation

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DuckStation will handle saving the game for you, as it defaults to creating a virtual memory card in the documents folder on your PC. You can always change this location and it also by default will create a brand new memory card for each individual game that you decide to load up. If you want the more traditional method, just choose Shared Between All Games, but you risk losing all saved data if you go down this route. 

The only time you’d want something like this is for games with any benefits to having saved data on, like Metal Gear Solid, as it will scan for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Azure Dreams, Suikoden and Vandal Hearts.

As it detects by code or game, you shouldn’t need to worry about swapping discs for Final Fantasy and the like. 

Save state is also included in the emulator, with it acting very similar to others. Pressing the button will let you choose a slot and then you can load up by pressing the other button to get right back to where you want. Perfect for those extra hard JRPG bosses. 

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