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Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring – how do they compare?

Should Oura be ringing for help?
Last Updated on January 22, 2024
A Galaxy Ring and an Oura Ring on a black background.
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It’s a big question to ask considering the device just got unveiled, but how do the Samsung Galaxy Ring vs the Oura Ring compare? Smart rings are becoming an increasingly popular form factor in the world of wearable technology, offering a discreet and convenient way to track our health and fitness. The Oura Ring has established itself as a major player in this field, but with the tease of the Galaxy Ring at Unpacked 2024, Samsung looks set to shake things up with a smart ring of its own. Of course, we don’t currently know much about the Galaxy Ring other than its name, but through previous patents and careful guesswork, it’s not too hard to weigh in on how Samsung’s smart ring might compare to the Oura Ring.

Both the Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring are accessible health and wellness devices that offer a different experience from what you get from a smartwatch such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Fitbit Versa. So, in this comparison article, we’ll delve into the differences between the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring, exploring their features, price points, and overall performance to determine which smart ring reigns supreme.

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring differences

When it comes to smart rings, it’s crucial to understand the key differences between the Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring, but without official specs from Samsung, it’s hard to tell what might significantly set these fitness-focused gadgets apart.

Realistically, it will probably come down to the unique Samsung-based features and functionality that we’re unclear of at this moment in time that define the differences between the two. However, here’s a rundown of some of the expected variations so far.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is the latest offering from Samsung Electronics, promising to revolutionize the smart ring market, making it even more mainstream. Based on the early patents reported by the Korean website Naver, with the Galaxy Ring, you can expect advanced health tracking capabilities from next-gen sensors, including a heart rate monitor, electrocardiogram (ECG) tracker, and blood pressure measurement. A huge benefit is that, unlike Oura, the data will be natively linked to the Samsung Health app, eliminating the need for third-party software. Essentially, the experience is likely to be similar to what’s offered by the Galaxy Watch but in a much smaller form factor.

Interestingly, an even earlier patent exposes the possibility of the ring holding smart home integration. There’s no guarantee of this, but the Galaxy Ring might even introduce groundbreaking tech features such as hand gestures, allowing users to control various smart devices like smartphones, TVs, or even living room lights.

To tie it all off, contactless payment functionality is rumored to be a part of the package, making it a convenient all-in-one device.

Oura Ring

On the other hand, the Oura Ring has established itself as a frontrunner in the smart ring industry. With its sleek and discreet design, the Oura Ring focuses primarily on health and fitness tracking. It offers comprehensive sleep tracking, providing users with accurate insights into their sleep quality and patterns. 

Moreover, the Oura Ring features period prediction for women, integrating natural cycle data for a more holistic approach to health monitoring. While it may lack some of the advanced capabilities found in the Samsung Galaxy Ring and its ecosystem, the Oura Ring remains a favorite among health-conscious individuals.

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring features

When considering which smart ring is better suited for your needs, it’s essential to evaluate the features and functionalities offered by each device, or in this case, what we know so far.

Samsung Galaxy Ring features

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is anticipated to pack a plethora of detailed health metrics, making it a versatile and powerful device for your fitness and well-being. In addition to its health tracking abilities, including heart rate and blood pressure measurement, there are rumors based on early patent filings that the Samsung Galaxy Ring could even potentially introduce hand gesture control. This would take the functionality of the Galaxy Ring a step further, becoming even more like the Galaxy Watch in terms of functionality.

Furthermore, the metrics provided by the Ring may be compiled to create a Vitality Score similar to the Readiness Score provided by your Oura Ring, which assesses your general well-being and health capacity for the oncoming day. Leveraging the new AI-powered features found across the Samsung Health app, the Galaxy Ring might provide new and more detailed insights into your daily health.

Oura Ring features

While the Oura Ring may not offer the same level of device control as the Samsung Galaxy Ring, it excels in health and fitness tracking. The Oura Ring provides comprehensive sleep insights, monitoring key metrics like sleep stages, sleep efficiency, and restlessness. It also incorporates period prediction for women, allowing for a more personalized approach to health monitoring. For those primarily focused on wellness and sleep optimization, the Oura Ring delivers a seamless and user-friendly experience. However, rather than being threatened by the competition presented by Samsung, Oura might see this reveal as an endorsement of the smart ring category, and as motivation to up its own innovation through firmware updates.

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring price

As of now, Samsung has not officially announced the price or release date for the Samsung Galaxy Ring. However, based on market speculation and considering the current pricing of smart rings, it could be anticipated that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be priced at around $300. It is worth noting though – the refined hardware required for making a smart ring doesn’t come cheap, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if it ends up being more expensive. On the other hand, the starting price for the Oura Ring is $299, making it a competitive option in the smart ring market.

Samsung Galaxy Ring vs Oura Ring – which one is better?

In the battle between the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. If you’re already invested in the Samsung ecosystem, the smooth integration of the Galaxy Ring into your daily life may boost your health and well-being in unexpected and useful ways. Without a full list of features, it’s unclear what other advantages the Galaxy Ring will bring to the table – but there’s no doubt that it’ll be impressive.

Now, we’ve got no Samsung Galaxy Ring release date as of yet, but the glimpse we’ve been given could have been a strategic move from the company ahead of a launch later in 2024 or at the start of next year. However, if your focus is primarily on health and wellness tracking, including comprehensive sleep insights and period prediction, the Oura Ring is a strong contender.

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