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How to Pair an Echo Dot

Connect Your Echo Dot with Ease: Tips and Tricks
Last Updated on May 10, 2023
How to Pair an Echo Dot
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You can use your Alexa app to pair your Echo Dot to your speaker or phone. And in this guide, we have listed some simple steps that you can take to perform this action. 

Here’s what you have to do.

Pairing Amazon Echo Dot

You can conveniently pair your Echo Dot with any other device via Bluetooth. These devices include the likes of tablets, phones, computers, and other devices that are equipped with Bluetooth technology. 

This function will be much handier if you have some music streaming service enabled. But Alexa won’t support it. You can even connect your Amazon Echo Dot with other Bluetooth Speakers and enjoy a much better sound. 

Putting Echo Dot in pairing mode – Step by Step



Turning on pairing mode on your device

You must turn on Bluetooth when you wish to connect with your Echo Dot.

For an Android device, you just have to swipe down front the top of your screen and turn on Bluetooth by tapping on the icon. 

And for iOS devices, you need to go through the Settings app and turn on the Bluetooth. If you are looking to turn on Bluetooth on your Bluetooth speaker, there are different procedures, and you might need to follow them specifically for each device.

Some may enter pairing mode automatically, while others need their power or play button to be pressed and held. You can follow the instructions in the device manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.



Opening the Alexa app on your phone

The next step is installing the Alexa app on your phone and then opening it.



Go to Devices

After that, you must go to Devices in your Alexa app and tap on that option.



Go to Echo & Alexa

Within the app, you need to find Echo & Alexa, which should appear on your screen as soon as you tap on Devices.



Choose Echo Dot

You need to choose the Echo Dot from the list of devices displayed on your screen.



Tapping Bluetooth devices

The next step is to tap on Bluetooth devices on your phone in the app.



 Pair your new device

Subsequently, you will have to pair your new device with this option in the Alexa app.



Waiting for your device to appear

Then you will have to wait and use the Alexa app to find the device you are trying to pair. As soon as it appears, tap on it, and if the pairing is successful, the device you choose will appear in the list.

You can tap on it, and your Echo Dot is paired.


These are some simple steps that you need to follow to pair your Echo Dot and turn it into a Bluetooth Speaker. Then, you can start enjoying your favorite music and podcasts on it. 

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