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Best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in 2024

A budget graphics card that packs a punch
Last Updated on February 22, 2024
best rtx 3060 ti graphics card

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is a good mid-range offering that allows you to experience true next-gen gaming without having to splash your hard-earned cash. It improves upon the RTX 3060 by providing more power allowing you to play today’s games at 1440p. It may not pack the biggest punch but at its price point, it can be seen as the best in class. However there are a lot of third parties that differ in slight ways, so choosing the right one for your rig is important.

Products at a Glance

How we picked

When looking at the for best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in 2023,  there were several factors we had to take into consideration when choosing the top picks. Firstly, we looked at performance, checking out user reviews and professional testing scores to see which GPUs came out on top. We also focused on cooling, incorporated technology, and aesthetics as we know these are key aspects people look for in a graphics card. Finally, we tried to include a range of budgets to make sure there were some affordable options in the mix. However, this is a high powered card, so most options were on the pricier side.

Our Recommended

Best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in 2024

  • Temperature monitor
  • High boost clock
  • Great cooling
  • Pricey

If you want the absolute best Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti with all the frills and aren’t worrying about spending that little bit extra for it, the Gigabyte AORUS RTX 3060 Ti MASTER is your go-to. It has features and additions that others simply can’t compete with as well as looking the best, in our opinion that is.

Looking initially at the design of the card itself, it offers up that sleek, stealth look with subtle yet effective RGB lighting, not making your setup too garish. Moreover, on the side of the GPU, the RGB lit AORUS logo is paid with a GPU temperature indicator which you’re able to monitor and ensure it isn’t on the verge of overheating. This RGB lighting is fully customizable too, giving you the power to chop and change to output to your exact preference.

Moving to the actual specs and features of the AORUS 3060 Ti from Gigabyte, it boasts 4864 CUDA Cores, 1410 MHz clock (boostable up to 1800 MHz), and 8GB of GDDR6 RAM all combining to detail fantastic gaming performance at a budget-friendly price point. Moreover, Gigabyte has included three alternate spinning fans for maximum cooling, keeping your RTX 3060 Ti at its optimal temperature levels even under intense strain. The fans themselves are of a unique blade stack nature and utilize a wind claw design to allow for complete airflow.

All in all, Gigabyte’s take on the RTX 3060 Ti with the AORUS Master should be the option for you if you want the best RTX 3060 Ti variant. It has the specs and the cooling to match as well as that added bonus of the slick RGB lighting and temperature monitor.

  • Excellent cooling
  • High boost clock
  • RGB could be better

EVGA is commonly featured on our best Nvidia graphics card lists and for good reason. They produce some really high-quality GPUs that are not only reliable but have exceptional features that boost your gaming experience. Their take on the RTX 3060 Ti is no different, giving you a brilliant bit of tech that’ll last for years to come.

The specs are identical to that of the aforementioned AORUS RTX 3060 Ti meaning it’s going to back a serious punch at a budget price. The way EVGA does differ this GPU over the Gigabyte option is through its cooling and RGB lighting. The FTW3 ULTRA utilizes three fans but also a ‘air-through pcb’ in which provides even more holes and gaps to shift air through and ultimately, keeping your card as ice cold as possible. In terms of RGB, the EVGA 3060 Ti is certainly more subtle. Essentially, it’s only the logo that can be lit which can be attractive to those who aren’t wanting a loud system and are seeking more of a stealth look.

Summing up, the EVGA FTW3 ULTRA 3060 Ti is a top tier budget GPU that does rival our best pick in most aspects. It’s a little less flashy and doesn’t that have fancy temperature monitor on the card itself but if you’re looking for one that’s more simplistic, this is the RTX 3060 Ti for you.

  • Great price
  • Stealth look
  • Lower boost clock

If you’re wanting the most low-cost version of this already budget RTX 3060 Ti GPU, look no further than the Zotac Twin Edge OC. On the whole yes, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the Gigabyte AORUS Master but you’ll still be getting a solid graphics card that does its job and does it well.

This RTX 3060 Ti is a little on the smaller side boasting two fans rather than the three of the graphics cards we’ve listed above. This could be a big advantage for those with cases on the smaller side or simply dont have the space but it also could be a drawback when we think about cooling, having one whole fan less. It’ll obviously stay cool in the main but when you push the Zotac to its limits you could get yourself in some hot water.

The specs don’t differ too much compared to the pricer options above with the same number of CUDA Cores, GDDR6 memory, and Core Clock. When boosted though, the Clock does unfortunately max out at 1695 MHz instead of 1800 MHz meaning if you want to squeeze more power out of it, it does have restricted limits.

To sum up, the Zotac Twin Edge OC RTX 3060 Ti is a brilliant choice for those on a tighter budget. It offers everything you need from a lower-cost 30 series GPU and yes, while it lack those fancier features, you shouldn’t expect them at this price and you more than likely wouldn’t miss them too much.

  • Three fans
  • Priced well
  • No RGB

Finally, let’s talk about the MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB VENTUS 3X OC. It doesn’t necessarily receive one of our ‘best’ awards but we certainly think it should be mentioned. We essentially think this entry from MSI is the ‘best of the rest’ RTX 3060 Ti, coming in with some solid features but none that really stand out from the crowd.

For the specs, it details the usual 4864 CUDA Cores, 1410 MHz Core Clock, and 8GB of DDR6 RAM but sadly, the boost clock maxes out at 1695 MHz, the same as our budget Zotac pick. We’re not saying this is bad don’t get us wrong but due to this, it really can’t compete with those other top selections.

In terms of features, the Ventus uses MSI’s Frozr cooling tech incorporated into three fans, ensuring that those optimal temperatures are the norm and no overheating occurs. While this is a step up from the Zotac, there’s no change to the lack of RGB lighting thus meaning if you are already rocking a lit setup, it might leave you feeling a little flat.

Is a Nvidia geforce rtx 3060 ti good for 4K?

This graphics card is primarily playing games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. However, it can definitely play less demanding games at 4K resolution.

What is the difference between Nvidia Geforce rtx 3060 and Nvidia Geforce rtx 3060 Ti?

The Ti variant is more powerful, it boasts more CUDA cores (3584 vs. 4864), and higher core clock speeds ( 1320 MHz vs. 1410 MHz). The RTX 3060 Ti although having less memory (8GB GDDR6 vs 16GB GDDR6) possesses a much larger 256bit memory bus allowing for 448GB/s of memory bandwidth making much more memory available when completing processes.


Our Verdict

Best RTX 3060 Ti
best rtx 3060 ti graphics card

Best Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti in 2024

Overall, as you can see with all the GPUs we’ve listed above, the RTX 3060 Ti really is a triumph for Nvidia and one that budget PC builders will be clambering to get their hands on. But, if you do want the best of the best when it comes to the RTX 3060 Ti, the Gigabyte AORUS Master should be your GPU of choice. It has all the fundamentals of what makes this budget graphics card so good but also has those additional features that allow it to more than stand out from the crowd.