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Best headset for PS5 in 2023

Last Updated on April 15, 2024
Best headset for PS5 in 2023. Image shows the text "Best headset for PS5 in 2023" above a PS5 console inbetween the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen and the Audeze Maxwell wireless headsets, on a purple blue gradient background.

If you’re looking for the best headset for PS5 in 2023, your upgrade just got a lot easier.

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken gaming to the next level with its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay experiences. While the best TVs for PS5 will show you its visual prowess, to truly appreciate everything this console offers you’ll find yourself in need of a top-notch headset. It could be said that an exceptional visual experience can’t become fully immersive without the right sound system. Whether you’re a casual gamer, a competitive eSports enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys gaming comfortably, having the right headset can make a difference. This article presents the ultimate list of the best headsets for PS5 to help you elevate your gaming experience.

Products at a Glance

How we selected the best headset for PS5

Selecting the best headset to be matched with the PS5 involved an extensive evaluation of various factors, weighing up user reviews, and tapping into our in-depth knowledge of gaming peripherals. While the connectivity types may differ from the best headsets for the Xbox Series X, the need for audio quality, comfort, wireless connectivity, and microphone quality remains the same.

The world of headsets has been evolving quickly to keep up with the developments in next-gen consoles. These days gaming headsets aren’t just built for online multiplayer comms, offering excellent sound quality for an in-game audio experience. We made sure to include headphones that deliver clear, immersive, and high-quality audio.

However, some features to consider alongside audio quality include battery life, ergonomics, and material quality, as they are essential elements of any decent gaming headset. On the whole, a consideration of these factors helped us narrow our list to the finest headsets for PS5. To keep all audiences happy, we’ve made sure to provide options at different price points as some users will be upgrading on a budget.

For a general dive into some of the current best headsets on the market, check out our guide to the best gaming headsets in 2023.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Tempest 3D AudioTech
  • Very comfortable
  • Official accessory for PS5
  • Built-in microphone lacks superior quality
  • Limited battery life

The PlayStation Pulse 3D wireless headset is the ultimate audio companion for your gaming adventures. Designed with the latest generation of gamers in mind, this headset is finely tuned for 3D Audio and surround sound on PS5 consoles, delivering an immersive gaming experience like never before.

Not only does it elevate your audio experience, but it also prioritizes your comfort. You can game for hours without discomfort with refined earpads and an adjustable headband strap. Its sleek and stylish design perfectly complements the PS5 console, making it an ideal accessory for any PlayStation enthusiast.

Stay connected with your friends seamlessly through hidden noise-canceling microphones, ensuring crystal-clear communication. The headset also offers easy access controls, allowing you to quickly adjust audio and chat settings while requiring only an internet connection and a PlayStation Network account.

While it might not be long enough for an extended gaming session, you still get up to 12 hours of wireless play on a single charge, and the headphones do include a built-in rechargeable battery so your gameplay won’t be interrupted.

Whether gaming on your PS5, PS4, or PC, this headset is compatible across platforms, making it a versatile choice for all gaming needs. Plus, it even connects to your PS VR and mobile devices with the included audio cable. This makes Sony Pulse 3D a go-to audio solution for PS5 gaming experiences, and with its price, it makes for a decent budget choice too. You can find more options for the best headsets under $100 here.

  • Great bloom mic performance
  • EQ presets available
  • Excellent battery life
  • Inconsistency in audio delivery

Next on our list as the best wireless headset for the PS5 is the Audeze Maxwell wireless gaming headset. It blends style with technology to provide an unparalleled experience. With an impressive 80+ hours of low latency connection gameplay on a single charge, you can immerse yourself in your favorite games for extended periods.

Even when time is of the essence, a quick 20-minute charge ensures a full day of gaming excitement. The versatility of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and USB-C, offers seamless compatibility with PlayStation as well as with other platforms like Mac, PC, and Switch. This makes it a perfect choice for cross-platform gamers.

However, what truly sets the Audeze Maxwell apart is its exceptional audio quality. Featuring Audeze’s 90mm Planar Drivers, you’ll enjoy unrivaled low bass performance and dynamic soundscapes. These drivers are approximately three times larger than those found in other headsets, providing the quality you would expect for a headset at this price point.

Noisy environments are taken care of when you use this headset, thanks to its A.I. noise filtering technology that eliminates background distractions. This is not only so that you can hear clearly, but also so that your friends can hear what you say: say goodbye to vacuum cleaner hums, baby cries, and annoying keyboard clicks.

There’s also a customization option with the free Audeze HQ app. The app allows you to customize your sound experience by fine-tuning your EQ settings and accessing additional features. On the whole, this premium pair of headphones is a perfect match for the high-level gaming provided by the PS5, and will be worth your while if you have a bit extra to spend.

  • Many customization options
  • Haptics are very good
  • Very comfortable for extended gaming sessions
  • Mic is a little thin and small

Razer Kairs Pro’s Razer HyperSense technology transforms sound signals into real-time vibrations within the earcups. This helps provide tactile feedback fully customizable via the Razer Audio App. Feel the intensity of every explosion and the subtle nuances of in-game audio like never before.

The Kaira Pro boasts TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers with titanium-coated diaphragms, delivering exceptional clarity and allowing for separate tuning of highs, mids, and lows for a full-range sound that enhances gaming immersion.

It also lets you communicate clearly with the detachable HyperClear Supercardioid Mic, which minimizes background noise and offers mic monitoring and game/chat balance controls for optimal voice communication. If a feature you’re looking for is a high-quality microphone why not investigate further with our picks of the best gaming microphones?

Switch seamlessly between your console and phone audio with Razer SmartSwitch, and enjoy low-latency Bluetooth with Quick Connect for smooth mobile gaming. Personalize your headset’s lighting with Chroma RGB and make it your own.

  • Sonar software for better sound quality
  • 38-hour battery life
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Mic is weak
  • Fits tightly

Brace yourself to be blown away with SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7’s custom-designed Nova Acoustic System and high-fidelity drivers. Additionally, with the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, you can fine-tune your sound profile, ensuring every gunshot, footstep, and explosion is crystal clear and precisely as you want it.

The headset also features 360-degree Spatial Audio to pinpoint every critical in-game sound, from the subtlest movements to powerful explosions. It’s an auditory advantage that sets you apart from the competition. Plus, it’s fully compatible with Tempest 3D Audio for PS5 and Microsoft Spatial Sound, ensuring you don’t miss a single detail.

With the Arctis Nova 7, you have the freedom to mix two audio streams simultaneously. Game with lag-free 2.4GHz wireless connectivity while using Bluetooth to take calls, chat on Discord, listen to music, or catch up on your favorite podcasts. Stay connected and in control without missing a beat. If this headset takes your fancy, you can read a more in-depth review of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova here before you buy.

  • 20-hour battery life
  • Decent sound performance
  • Tight fit

The last product on our list of the best headsets for PS5 is the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 gaming headset. With an impressive 20-hour battery life, the Stealth 700 Gen 2 ensures uninterrupted gaming sessions. It also features high-performance 50mm Nanoclear speakers for an immersive experience.

Moreover, this headset has seamless compatibility with Sony’s 3D Audio technology, meaning it makes a great companion for PS5 gameplay. And it lets you stay connected even while you game. With built-in Bluetooth, you can effortlessly switch between in-game audio and calls, so you never miss a beat, whether gaming with teammates or chatting with friends.

Factors and considerations

Unsurprisingly, there is usually no single device that comes out as the winner of the best headset to pair with your PS5, as the right choice will depend on what each individual user is looking for. However, a few general factors must be weighed up to make sure you’re investing in a headset that’s a decent quality and a more future-proof purchase.


An unmissable feature of a gaming headset is how comfortable it is. A good headset has been designed to be worn for long hours at a time, with soft, breathable earpads that can also be worn over glasses. Furthermore, adjustability is also important, as its not a given that your headset will fit you straight out of the box so you’ll need to change the size and head placement.

Microphone quality

On the whole, good microphone quality is equal to good communication when gaming online. A microphone is essential to a good gaming headset, so you’ll want to look out for high quality microphones that might feature a bi-directional design to pick up your voice clearly but cancel out any unwanted background sound. However, some recent models include a detachable microphone feature, meaning you can use your headset for regular music streaming as well as gaming.

Our Verdict

Best headsets for PS5 – final verdict

Overall, the Sony PS5 Pulse 3D takes the top spot as the best headset for PS5, as an officially licensed piece of kit that has all the features of a good quality gaming headset. However, the ultimate decision depends on your needs. For instance, some people may like wired headsets, while some won’t. Hence, it is best to consider factors like audio quality, microphone quality, or battery life and decide for yourself.