F4SE – Fallout 4 Script Extender

F4SE – Fallout 4 Script Extender

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The F4SE mod (or the Fallow 4 Script Extender) is a mod respire that will expand the scripting capacity of Fallout 4.

It is able to do this without modifying any of the executable files in the game’s disk, so there will be no ever lasting side effects. Read on to learn more about this mod.

F4SE Requirements

The F4SE mod does not have any known dependencies on other mods, it just needs the base game to run.
However, there are a number of Fallout 4 mods that require the F4SE to run:

Mod Name Additional Notes 
Additional Attributes (Alpha) This is mandatory. 
Brews Has to be installed for compatibility with DLC and other mods. 
Project Mojave – Chinese version 必须
Companion Inventory Weight This mod is built with F4SE version 0.6.20
Fallout 4 Data Structures (Alpha version)Mandatory 
Hangman’s Alley Blueprint by Aurelianis Necessary for any transfer Settlements/Blueprints for shareable settlements 
High Heeled Jumpsuits in the Commonwealth – Definitive version Only needed if you are using an MCM
Ivy Looks Menu Preset Only needed if you require high heels 
Just Another Castle Blueprint  Necessary for any transfer Settlements/Blueprints for shareable settlements 
Know Your Friend Hard requirement
Lorena Face Preset Obligatory Mod 
Minutemen (Radiant) Squads Required mod. 
No Radio Station notifications Necessary for the MCM version. 
Player Scale Compatibility Requirement for this mod to function generally. 
Power Armour to the People (Power Armored Enemies – Legendary Power Armour) Optional, but it is a required mod for some features. 
Rideable Bot Rebuilt Compatible version of the F4SE needed to run. 
Standalone Damage Modifier for Weapons Soft Requirement 
Third Person First Person Aiming Version 0.6.16+
Vault 13 Canteen Required (0.3.1+)

F4SE – Fallout 4 Script Extender:Installation

To install the F4SE mod, you will have to:



Download The F4SE Mod

1. Download the F4SE 0.6.21 mod (from Fallout 4 build).



Extract All The Files

Extract all files inside the f4se_0_06_21 folder, and add them into your game folder (i.e., where Fallout4.exe is located).



Start The Game

Start the game running using the f4se_loader.exe.



Confirm That The Mod Is Working

Confirm that the mod is working by opening the console with the tilde key, and type the phrase ‘getf4seversion’, which should show the version number of the most contemporary F4SE build, if everything is working well

Once you have gone through this process to install the F4SE mod, you will not have to do anything else to Launch Fallout 4 with the mod’s added functionality. You can just start the game using F4SE from the f4se_loader.exe.

How To Uninstall The Mod

If you want to uninstall the F4SE mod later, follow these steps:



Delete The Directory

Delete the f4se_mod directory inside the f4se-0_06_21\data\mods folder.



Restart The Game

You may also wish to delete the f4se_loaders.ini file inside the f4se\data\mods folder, as it contains information about the current version of the F4SE mod.

This can be done by deleting the.ini file entirely, or renaming it to something like “old_f4se_loaders” and then deleting the old one.

How Does The F4SE Work?

The F4SE works by creating an.ini file in the data\mods folder. When the game starts up, it checks for the existence of this file, and loads its contents automatically. If the file doesn’t exist, the game looks for the.ini file in the main game folder, and uses that instead.

This means that the F4SE mod only has to modify the.ini file once, when it is first installed. After that, it will work every time the game is launched.

This is why the F4SE mod is considered a respite mod, because it can be used to extend the capabilities of the game without having to modify any of the original executable files.

Using the F4SE mod requires some knowledge of how scripts work in Fallout 4. To get started, we recommend reading the instructions included with the F4SE mod itself.

Final Thoughts

While the F4SE mod adds many new features to the game, it is still possible to use vanilla Fallout 4 without installing the F4SE mod at all.

However, the F4SE mod makes it much easier to create custom content for the game, and allows players to make their own modifications to the game without needing to worry about compatibility issues.

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