How to connect Beats to iPhone

How to connect Beats to iPhone

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Pairing the Beats headphones to your iPhone is a very easy task. Luckily, they have high compatibility with Apple devices since they are a part of the company. But when you set up a new product for the first time, the pairing process is not as simple as turning on your headphones. In this article, we will teach you how to connect beats to iPhone.

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How to Connect Beats to iPhone in 4 Easy Steps



Put your devices near each other

Make sure your iPhone and beats are near each other, so they can connect to each other. Then turn on your headphones and enable pairing mode. If you just bought them and this is the first time you power them up after unboxing, they should already be in pairing mode.

This step is simple and depending on the model that you have, all you need to do is press and hold on the button situated on the left side. An indicator should flash a light intermittently, informing you that the device is in pairing mode.



Hold your devices

Make sure to hold the Beats headphones near the iPhone, which should already be unlocked. 



Open iPhone settings

Open the settings on your iPhone and search for the Bluetooth menu.

Turn on the Bluetooth connection and allow the smartphone to automatically look for devices nearby.

It will detect all the devices that are in pairing mode, so make sure the headphones are the only ones. 



Confirm pairing

When the Beats headphones appear on the screen, tap on them to start the connection. Some models will ask you for a password, which should be “0000” by default.

Newer models of iPhone will detect the Beats headphones instantly after they turn on, and ask for your permission to connect. 

Your headphones are now connected and you can enjoy listening to your favorite playlist. You can control the volume and the menu of your music software by using the buttons on the side of your headphones. Their function will vary and you might have to use the product’s manual in order to figure them out. These buttons will give you more flexibility and you no longer need to reach for your phone if you want to skip a song. You can do your chores while your phone is charging and control the volume remotely. 

Problems and Fixes

But there are some uncommon situations where the Beats cannot connect to your iPhone. You should have no problem establishing a connection because this process is easy to follow and understand. Apple designed it in a minimalistic and simple way and you don’t need to be a software engineer to figure it out.

Fortunately, they also recommend some quick fixes if you struggle to establish the connection. When the Beats are not connecting to your iPhone, follow these 3 quick and easy fixes. 

Check that your headphones are charged

It is unlikely for them to come with a low battery out of the box, but you should not ignore this possibility. A minimum of 20-minute charge is required for your headphones to allow new connections, and you should plug them in before repeating this process again.

While AirPods will turn off automatically during long periods of inactivity, your Beats will stay on even if they are not used. That is why you have to manually turn them off if you want to save battery and avoid this situation.  

Check the Bluetooth on your iPhone

While you are busy managing your data or shuffling through Wi-Fi connections, it is easy to miss the Bluetooth function. While this problem is too simple to occur, many people find themselves excited about their new purchase and end up getting the basic things wrong.

Check the Bluetooth connection directly from the settings app. This will ensure that you fully turned it on. When Bluetooth is active, the toggle should be green and your iPhone will start looking for new devices that have the pairing mode enabled. 

Restart your iPhone and Beats headphones

When nothing seems to work, a restart will solve most of the problems. While this method sounds too simple to work, it often solves the problem. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons on your iPhone until several options appear on your screen. Slide the power button in order to turn off your smartphone. After the screen has gone black, hold down the power button again until the Apple logo is displayed. Restarting your Beats headphones should be just as simple, although you might need to check the product’s manual if you are not sure how to do it. Most of the time, holding down the power button will work for turning them off and on again. 

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